A Letter to Neale

Jul 17, 2020

Reader Question:

Dear Mr. Walsch,

Thank you for your wonderful books. I have one question. It concerns the story in the Bible where Jesus curses the fig tree because it doesn't bear fruit. I don't understand why he would do this, because it also says that it wasn't the season for the tree to bear figs. The fig tree example must be there for a reason, but what?

For a long time this story has seemed to represent to me what seems a certain capriciousness on the part of Jesus/God, which...

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A Letter to Neale

Jul 10, 2020

Reader question:

Dear Neale...

I've been with you all along, since you published your first CwG book. I've been to your retreats, read your newsletters and all of your books.

And your newsletters have always been good. I look forward to receiving them and they positively impact my life each and every time I open one. I often share them with friends. 

Lately, they seem to have a new depth and clarity — a clarity full of understanding and longing in each and every word. I feel as if...

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A Letter to Neale

Jun 19, 2020

Reader question:

Hello Neale,

I attempted suicide at one point. Thankfully, I failed... but I suppose I'm thankful for my suicide attempt, because it changed my life in a positive way unlike anything else ever has, save possibly
CwG for Teens.

My question is what
Home With God calls a 'splitting of metaphysical hairs'. Home With Godsays things about suicide that, from my current perspective, seem to show a grand glitch in God's Perfect System.

Okay, let's say I committed suicide. Suicide,...

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