15 Words They Won't Say

A while back I talked about 15 words that no one can say - no one, at least, in places of real power and influence within the world's spiritual, political, or business communities. Those 15 words...


We are all one.
Ours is not a
better way,
ours is merely
another way.


This is called, in the fourth of the Conversations with God books (titled Friendship with God), "the New Gospel." In that book a remarkable dialogue takes place, in which I asked God about why it is so difficult for humanity's religions and other institutions to embrace such a simple and wonderful truth. 


At the outset of that dialogue I asked, "Can everyone have a friendship with God?" The dialogue continued, with God answering...




Regardless of their beliefs, regardless of their religion?


Regardless of their beliefs, regardless of their religion.



Or lack of religion?


Or lack of religion.



 Anybody can have a friendship with God, at any time, is that right?


You all do have a friendship with God. 
Some of you just don't know it. As I have already said.



I know that we are repeating ourselves here, but I want to make sure, I want to make absolutely certain, that I get this right. You just talked about how we don't always get everything completely accurate, and this is one thing I want to get as accurately as I can. I want there to be no mistake about this. You are saying that there is no "right way" to God?



That is what I am saying. Exactly, precisely, unequivocally.

There are a thousand paths to God, and every one gets you there.



So we can, at last, bring "an end to better" about God. We can stop saying that "ours is the better God."



Yes, you can. But will you? That is the question.

It will require you to give up your ideas of superiority, and that is the most seductive idea human beings ever had. 

It has seduced the entire human race. It has justified the wholesale slaughter of members of your own species, and every other species of sentient being on your planet.

This one single thought, this one idea that you have, that you are somehow better than someone else, has caused all the heartache, all the suffering, all the cruelty, all the inhumanity that you have inflicted upon each other.



You've made this point before.



And like many other points I have made with you in this dialogue, I will make it over and over again.


This point, in particular, I want to emphasize now, in such stark terms, in such clear and specific language, that you can never forget it.


For throughout the ages humans have asked Me, 
what is the way to a more perfect world?


How can we live together in harmony? What is the secret to lasting peace?


And throughout the ages I have given you the answer.


Throughout the ages I have brought you this wisdom, a thousand times in a thousand ways. Yet you have not listened.


Now I declare it over and over here, in this dialogue, in language so plain that you can never again ignore it, but will understand it completely, and internalize it so deeply, that you will hereafter and forevermore reject any suggestion that one group of you is somehow "better" than another group of you.


Again I say: put an End to Better. 


For this is The New Gospel: 

There IS no Master Race. 

There IS no Greatest Nation. 

There IS no One True Religion. 

There IS no Inherently Perfect Philosophy. 

There IS no Always Right Political Party, 

Morally Supreme Economic System, 

or One and Only Way to Heaven.


Erase these ideas from your memory. 

Eliminate them from your experience. 

Eradicate them from your culture. 

For these are thoughts of division and separation, 

and you have killed each other over these thoughts.


Only the truth I give you here will save you: 



Carry this message far and wide, across oceans and over continents, around the corner and around the world.



I will. Wherever I go, and wherever I am, I will say it loud and clear. 


And with this declaration of The New Gospel, 

dispel forever the second most dangerous idea on which human
beings have based their behaviors: the thought that there is
something you have to do to survive. 


There is nothing you have to do. 
Your survival is guaranteed. 
It is a fact, not a hope. 
It is a reality, not a promise.  

You have always been, are now, and always will be. 

Life is eternal, love is immortal, and death is only a horizon.



I heard that as a lyric line on a wonderful song recorded by Carly Simon. I think she got the lyrics from a poem, a free-verse that she read somewhere.



Have I not told you that I will communicate 
with you in many ways -an article in a three-month 
old magazine at the hair styling salon, a chance utterance by a
friend, the lyrics to the next song you hear? 


It is through these kinds of continuing "conversations with God" that I send you My eternal message: your survival is guaranteed.


The question is not whether you will survive, 

but what shall be your experience while you are surviving?


You are answering that question now, in what you call "this lifetime," and what you call the next. For what you experience in the "next lifetime" can only be a reflection of what you have created in "this lifetime," because, in truth, there is only One Everlasting Life, with each moment creating the next.



And so we create our own heaven, and our own hell!



Yes -now, and even forevermore.


Yet once you are clear that your survival is not in question, you can stop worrying about which one of you is "better."


You don't have to punish yourself forever, scramble to "get to the top," or destroy others to ensure that you are one of "the fittest."


And so, at last, you can "get the hell out of there." Literally.


Come, then. Join with Me now in a deep and biding friendship.


I have given you the steps here.


And I have shared with you the Attitudes of God, 

which will change your life. 


Come then. Get the "hell" out.


Bring the blessing and the joy and the heaven in. 

For thine IS the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever.


I would not tell this to you if it were not so.



Elsewhere in this breathtaking dialogue God said to me...



Go, therefore, and teach ye all nations, 

spreading far and wide The New Gospel: 







Speak it not only from your pulpits, but from the halls of your governments as well; not only in your churches, but in your schools; not only through your collective conscience, but through your collective economies.


Make your spirituality real, 
Right Here, Right Now, 
on the ground.


With Pure Love,

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