A Letter to Neale

Dear Neale...Some time ago you posted the following comment on your Facebook page: "We must turn our attention today to the events in our world. They demand our focus, and we cannot ignore the daily traumas of life on Earth while we search for and explore higher spiritual truth and meaning."

Yet, I would humbly ask you to expand on that comment in relation to the emotional journey that the consciousness Abraham, of Abraham-Hicks, speaks of. In particular, Esther Hicks posted a message from Abraham saying: "It should only be talked about if the talking will make you feel better. It is of no value, ever, to activate and talk about something that doesn’t feel good, because it reactivates it in your vibration; it makes it another point of your point of attraction so you’re less clear.

“In other words, when you focus upon the problems of others, you diminish your ability to help them. People believe that you’ve got to focus upon the problem in order to find a solution. And we say, no solution ever comes forth—it's never inspired; you never recognize it, and you are never able to facilitate or achieve it—from your place of focusing on the problem. They are two entirely different vibrations. If you have someone who has many things going wrong and one thing going right, beat the drum of what's going right, and let that be your point of attraction. If you focus upon their problems, you achieve vibrational harmony with something other than the Source that gives you solution."

For me, there is a dichotomy between these two statements---which is no doubt pointing to a greater truth. I would therefore very much appreciate your further comments on this apparent contradiction. With love and respect, Jaime


Neale Responds

Jaime: How can you help another person, a loved one, say...or anyone...with a problem they may be having if you cannot even talk about it?

DOCTOR: What seems to be the problem?
PATIENT: I can't talk about it.
DOCTOR: Well, good, because I can't talk about it, either. No solution ever comes forth from my placing of focusing on the problem. So what's the one thing that's going right with you?
PATIENT: Well, I have good eyesight.
DOCTOR: Great! That's terrific.
PATIENT: But that's not why I came to see you. That's not what's bothering me.
DOCTOR: What IS bothering you?
PATIENT: I can't talk about that.
DOCTOR: Oh, 'scuse me. I forgot...neither can I.

Or try this on for size, Jamie...

POLICE DESK SGT: Sixth Precinct Station, Sgt. Snyder speaking. How can I help you?
CALLER: I can't tell you that. I can't focus on the problem. But I sure wish there was a squad car here right now.

Or how about this?

TV NEWS COMMENTATOR: Thousands of people in Japan have been devastated by the tsunami there and the International Red Cross is calling for help...blankets, food stuffs, medicine to be flown in....oops, I'm sorry folks...you didn't hear that. I didn't just report on that. Forget I said that. Don't focus on the problem. Don't send blankets and clothing and medicine or any help whatsoever. Forget we said that. This is NBC – “No Bad Comments” television -- signing off....

Jaimi...how in the world can you and I even discuss THIS if we can't focus on anything except that which is going right????

Case closed.

With Pure Love,


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