God and Wild Fires

What is God thinking here with wild fires? Or, for that matter, with ALL that is going wrong in our world?


Anyone who believes in God -- and certainly anyone who believes in a God Who gives us the power to create our own reality, and Who co-creates that reality with us -- has to ask that question, yes?




I'm asking that question today. What in the world is God thinking here? A million people evacuated from their homes? Thousands of dwellings destroyed? Acreage more than the size of many states, lost?


If God is, indeed, the Sum of the Collective Consciousness of All That Is (and, logically then, of every human being), the question we must ask ourselves is, What in the world are WE thinking? What motive in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity do these wild fires portray?


I believe that we in the United States may be in for a number of cataclysmic events such as 9/11, Katrina, and the wild fires as this nation -- PLUS — for the first time in its long history -- begins to experience that it is no more impervious to disaster (natural or man-made) than any other nation. The century of American dominance (and, some might say, American "luck" -- when virtually no major misfortune touched the land) is over. And there may very well be a collective will on the part of Humanity (and not only that portion living outside of the United States) to bring this nation as close to an awareness of its own fragility as every other nation on the earth. Fragility produces humility, and few would argue that Earth could benefit from a dose of humility right now.


Humanity might also right now be teaching itself about its own need to create community -- helping and healing communities, some temporary and some more permanent -- to face the predictably extraordinary challenges of the 21st Century. For the past dozen decades (and increasingly in the last five or six) we have seen a break up of the Community Human as families have disunited and cultures have homogenized and the people of the earth have increasingly become more and more freed by modern technologies and less dependent on each other -- or seemed to have done so. 


In reality, an experience of our Oneness and our Interdependence is more needed now than ever before, as we march seemingly obliviously toward the brink of our own self-destruction. Only an awareness of our Oneness and Interdependence can save us now, methinks. Only a complete clarity that we ARE all one, can turn the tide of events in favor of sustainability on the earth. And so, the Body Human will do everything in its power to remind its Individuations of this truth. 


What the wild fires have produced -- as have all catastrophic events in human history -- is an onrush of humans helping humans; an instant awareness of our All-In-The-Same-Boatness; a heart-exploding willingness to extend ourselves for others, emerging from an outbursting consciousness that there ARE no "Others."


The fires have also re-oriented us once more, restoring our Larger Perspective on life, reminding us of what is really important, allowing us to find gratitude once again for that which is right in our lives, and helping us become clear once more that the quality of our experience upon the earth has nothing to do with "stuff" and everything to do with stuff-ING as much love as we possibly can into every moment...love for ourselves and love for as many others as we can embrace.


Yes, like 9/11, the wild fires are reflecting us back to ourselves. In their unremitting flames will our smallest ideas of who we are be consumed.


...and the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes...


Today we send our prayers and our spiritual intentions to all those whose experience of these past horrific days in so many parts of or World has been personal and deeply impacting. We hold in our hearts the knowledge that God -- the Collective Energy and the Group Consciousness of All Life -- creates only healing, sometimes in forms that individuals do not recognize, but always in forms that produce the self-same result. For Life in every instance supports the sustaining and the expansion of Life Itself, and so will it be in this instance as well.


Amen, and Amen.


With Pure Love,

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