A Letter to Neale

 Hello Neale,

A gentlemen in his forties had been asked to leave the bedroom he shared with his wife. She was no longer interested in a physical relationship. Divorce was not even an issue, because of our old country club money and societal standards.

Eventually, he and his secretary fell in love and were lovers for some twenty years. She was shunned by the city folk for all those years. Eventually the wife died, and the man and his secretary married. Still, the unacceptance towards the secretary was unbelievable. The man has recently died. The secretary has suffered in silence for over twenty years.

My question: why is the woman always the adulterer, and not the man? Perhaps you can further address the meaning of the commitment these two shared. My kindest regards to all of your staff, and love to you.

Min, PA

Neale Responds

Dear Min,

Most modern society is based on a patriarchal model which says that men can do no wrong and women are the temptresses and the evil ones among us.

Religions are based on this patriarchal model, which is why most religions refuse to allow women to become priests, rabbis, or teachers. They are deemed inherently and genetically unworthy.

The whole story of, and all the fault behind, the so-called “fall of Adam” has been laid at the feet of the temptress Eve, and the stage was set then and there for each gender to play out its role, as men have ordained them.

Prior to the patriarchy, the matriarchy had these roles reversed. So for centuries women held positions of influence and power, and men were merely the chattels and possessions, the ones unworthy to become priestesses or to govern the people.

We are now moving at last into a period when true equality of the sexes will be experienced, and where all this double standard nonsense will finally be brought to an end.

As to “the meaning of the commitment these two shared,” I would be the wrong one to assign it a meaning. That has been the problem all along. Others keep assigning it their meanings. The only meaning which matters is what the commitment meant to them.

With Pure Love,


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