CWG for Parents:
Family Enrichment Kit


“Remind the Children”

This kit encourages families to explore and discover fresh and healthy perspectives of life, beliefs about themselves, about each other, and ultimately about God. Through practical spiritual principles, interactive activities, and conversation-starters, this unique kit is filled with ideas to inspire positive change by empowering parents and children to reach a deeper understanding of their true and authentic selves.
The material is inspired by the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch and was created by a group of passionate people who aim to empower our youth and raise kind, compassionate and conscious future leaders. You'll find this to be an invaluable spiritual resource providing an enlightened approach to parenting and raising our next generation.
Included in this kit is a 27-page Family Enrichment Guide for parents and Guardians, with...
  • 10 life principles and the illusion that prevents us from living them.
  • Healthy and applicable perspectives of each life principle. 
  • A call to action for parents in the "Be the Light" section.
  • Thought-provoking conversation-starters during Family Circle Time. 
  • Family-fun games, activities and movie recommendations that inspire positivity.
Also included in the downloadable kit are 52 BE-DO-HAVE Cards which has a positive word on each card. These cards are a key component for families to engage in meaningful exercises.

Additional Educational Programs and Resources:

"Seek then to create change not because a thing is wrong, but because it
no longer makes an accurate statement of who you are." 
- Conversations with God, book 1