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My dear friends...

Isn’t it wonderful to be in a community of like-minded, spiritually oriented people such as the one that has formed around the messages of Conversations with God and the New Spirituality?  CwG itself talks about this, and speaks to the notion of Collective Consciousness affecting and changing the world.  It also speaks about “giving people back to themselves,” and how best we can all do that.

That is our work here on this planet, I firmly believe.  It is a wonderful task and a terrific assignment, because it is both inspiring and fun!  What we seek to do in this Bulletin each week is exactly that: we seek to give people back to themselves.  This is done by reminding people of the truth.  First, seek to remind people of the truth of Who They Really Are.  We want you to know how magnificent you are, and how wonderful.  We want you to know of the glory of your being, and of the unlimited nature of your potential.

Then, we want you to know of your divine connection to the Pure Essence of All That Is, which some of us call God, and of how you can use that connection to create the personal and collective reality of your choosing!

Finally, we want you to know that if you choose to remind everyone else of these truths, you, too, will be touched by them, for it is as Conversations with God says: What flows through you sticks to you.

Today, let us notice how fast the days and times of our life go by. What shall we do to more powerfully and more impactfully live our life purpose as we move through the rest of this year?  How many more months will I let life slide by without paying full attention and placing maximum focus on my very reason for being here?  That is the question I had to ask myself this morning as I glanced at the calendar and noticed how much of the year has passed.

I have this wonderful dream that I revisit a lot.  It is a dream in which everyone who reads these words, whose life has been touched in a wonderful way by the exciting and uplifting and freedom giving message of CwG, takes on their New Identity as a Light Worker and a true Spiritual Activist in our world and begins to work in some important way each day to alter our collective reality and to bring wonder and glory to their individual lives.

There are many ways in which we can do this, and this does not have to mean laying aside our “regular” lives.  We can add these intentions and activities to our already-in-place day-to-day experience and expand our reach and impact on the planet, dramatically impacting the people in our personal world whose lives we touch every day—both strangers and loved ones alike.

If you would like some specific suggestions on how you can become a true Spiritual Helper and really make a difference, I invite you to check out the resources at the Foundations website at www.cwg.org.  Specifically, look at the “EDUCATION” section, and the “OUTREACH” section, for ways in which you can participate in expanding your own awareness and that of others.  And be aware that we are expanding this NEW web site with new items and the web store will be up soon.

Yes, there is so much we can all do, and we can do it with
power and impact if we can find a way to work together!  That, in the end, is what is so exciting about the Community that has spontaneously formed around the Conversations with God material, and that meets here every seven days to read the Weekly Bulletin.

This Bulletin is speaking directly to you.  You, and you alone, have caused it to come into your hands today.  Read the material here carefully.  See if it is not perfect for you to be telling yourself these things right now.  You will be shocked at how utterly appropriate it is for this time in your life.  So now, read the rest of the content here closely.  And then, thank your Self for bringing yourself here on this day…and let us work together to make all of our Tomorrow’s the highest expression of our grandest desires!  


I send you Pure Love,

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