A Letter to Neale

Jul 30, 2022

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... I have been wondering about the role of personality in the mechanics of the mind and system of the soul. I observe that some people have personalities that seem to make it easier for them to operate successfully in our culture --- i.e. follow rules and religious doctrine while others are challenging rules and not accepting of structures that govern and make the rules. Can you discuss the role of personality? your friend...


Neale Responds

My New Friend...My own experience is that most people understand what they call the “personality” to be the sum today of the proclivities, impulses, characteristics and “automatic responses” of people to the world around them, generally based on a combination of genetics, childhood environment and upbringing, as well as certain experiences that a human being has undergone --- perhaps especially in childhood (but not limited to that time period), and particularly those experiences that have been dramatic, highly impacting (positive or negative), and/or traumatic.

Contextualized with the Mechanics of the Mind as described in the book When Everything Changes, Change Everything, this could be defined as the Data that is held within the Mind. Some of it is Factual Past Data and some of it is Judged Past Data. You have now asked about the “role” of personality in the Mechanics of the Mind of the System of the Soul, and what I find myself responding is that the personality is the result of the process that the Mind undergoes as the Body brings it new data regarding any event or circumstance that the Body is encountering in what we call the Present Moment.

The personality expands to include not only the data held in the Mind, but the Data held in the Soul as well, when the Triad Being that is You moves into communion between the Mind and the Soul. This produces an expansion of the database from which the Totality of You draws as it reaches it conclusions about any particular life circumstance or situation, and sends to the Body its instructions on how to react and respond to those outward conditions or events.

If we follow the Divine Impulse that emerges from the process of such a moment of Communion with God, our entire “personality” seems to change; we vibrate at a different frequency; even the tone of our voice, and its loudness, appears to shift. How we move through the world in any given moment (and often, for a lifetime) can be dramatically altered.

Others who know us may say that our entire “personality’ is different. They would be right. That is exactly the case. This is because the expanded and unlimited data of the Soul has opened our Mind to a new level of Consciousness, creating a greater and deeper Awareness, producing, in turn, a larger perspective, an expanded perception, a new set of beliefs based on those perceptions, and a brand new set of behaviors arising from them.

I believe that what we call our “personality” is a reflection of the workings of the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul as described in When Everything Changes, Change Everything

I hope this has been of help to you in response to your question.

Love and hugs,


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