The Prison Outreach Program

The mission of the Prison Outreach Program, is to share the message of the Conversations with God books with people in jails and prisons, places of darkness where its light is most needed. We all dream of a better world, a place of peace and safety where we would all be free to become our next highest version of our Selves. It is our goal to empower prisoners to live the CwG message so that they can become the next highest version of themselves and, by doing so, effect change in their own world. Here is an example of the reaction of one of the prisoners….

CWG Foundation,

This letter is to let you know that I deeply appreciate all of the books and material that you have sent me thus far, as well as any that you may send to me.  I can’t begin to describe the burden that my own misunderstood thinking has been to me and the relief that I feel after reading and implementing the content within your books to my life.  It is my intention to spread the message contained within your material to all willing to listen.

I’m currently at a prison that has limited movement and I’m only able to share and start a study group with those in my dorm that are receptive, but this is what I do when I can.  Otherwise I commit my days to studying the material in depth so that I may be expressing its teaching with clarity vocally and by how I live. 

Thank you all for what you are doing.  You are making a difference.

Sincerely, J.M.

Please consider a contribution to the Prison Outreach Program.

💙 100% of your donations are tax deductible and will be used for only this program.

💙 With the help of generous donors, we will continue to be able to offer prisoners:

  • The 'Freedom Inside' newsletter
    Started in 2001 by Janine Cantin, Freedom Inside is a newsletter that is based on the CWG material and is sent free of charge to anyone interested. It is written for prisoners and includes many articles and letters received from prisoners. Freedom Inside's mailing list started at around 50 in 2001 and has grown close to 1000 prisoners today. It is our hope that it will eventually become a monthly newsletter.

  • Free Books for Prisoners
    Hundreds of books are sent every year to prisoners who are re-examining their lives and are ready to make profound changes. For many of them their time in prison is a time of questioning, an inner quest for their own truth, a search to understand where their lives went wrong. A little support from us can make a huge difference to them.
  • Connections with Prisoners
    Many prisoners are cut off from outside contacts as family and friends very often distance themselves. We believe personal contact is incredibly important in order to stay connected to our own humanity. This is why we answer as many personal letters and emails from prisoners as possible.

  • Study Groups in Prisons
    We have many prisoner led CwG study groups. When someone is interested in starting such a group, we send them a packet of information and study guides to help set them up and, of course, we make sure all participants receive their own books to work with... We do whatever we can to support them as they explore CWG.


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