The Prison Outreach Program

Dec 19, 2020
The mission of the Prison Outreach Program, is to share the message of the Conversations with God books with people in jails and prisons, places of darkness where its light is most needed. We all dream of a better world, a place of peace and safety where we would all be free to become our next highest version of our Selves. It is our goal to empower prisoners to live the CwG message so that they can become the next highest version of themselves and, by doing so, effect change in their own world. Here is an example of the reaction of one of the prisoners….


You wrote in the start of ReCreating Your Self, “Welcome to one of the most important books you will ever read.”  When I first read this I wasn’t sure what to think of that. After working through it I understand.  Wow. Thank you so much for this gift.  It came to me at the right time.  Now I was ready for it, needed it and it found me.  Life seems to be falling in place for me.

I am serving life in prison without parole.  This book has helped me work out my unfinished business.  I feel lighter now.  There was a point in time that I wanted nothing more than to die.  The books, the Conversations with God books presented themselves to me a couple of years ago and ever since then I have been more involved in my life.  Right now I am choosing what I need, and for the first time in my life I understand so much.

I have so much love for you all.  Thank you again



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