Exerting your Will is powerful

My dear friends...
In our last two entries here we spoke of yearning as an energy in the process of creation. We also said that there were other energies that can be equally powerful in the Force of Creation. And we promised that this week we would explore one of them. So here goes...

This week’s exploration focuses on Willingness as a Force of Creation.

When a Soul is willing for something to occur, that occurrence is much more likely to take place. When the Soul is not willing, it will be very difficult for most human beings to overcome this energy blockage and produce a desired result in physical reality.

But now, let us be clear about this articulation. I am not using the word willing here as an adjective, I am using it as a verb. Willing is not something you are being, it is something you are doing.

Most people do not understand this. They use the statement I am willing to mean “I am okay with this happening.” I do not. I use it to mean “I am exerting my will.”

There is a world of difference.

For years I used a favorite saying whenever I would offer a strong point of view about something. In order not to appear too arrogant, I would follow my argument by saying, “I am willing to be wrong about this.” What I meant was, “I would be okay” if it turned out that I was wrong. But what I was actually doing at one level was asking to be wrong. What I didn’t know is that by saying “I am willing to be wrong,” I was invoking the power of my will.

Granted, a single little statement such as this would probably not have much creative power, so it is not necessary for us to watch every single word that comes out of our mouth. It is the feeling behind the words we speak that carry the creative juice. Still, if I repeat a statement over and over again, I give it more and more power, until “the Word is made flesh and dwells among us.”

Never underestimate the power of your word and the power of your will.

Will-power can produce remarkable results. Willing something to happen is what turns yearning into action.


With Hugs & Pure Love,

P.S. Do NOT forget to VOTE!

Next Tuesday is Election Day in the United States, where a great many of the readers of this Bulletin reside. As a non-profit organization our Foundation cannot (and would not choose to if it could) endorse any political candidate running for any office --- but we can urge you, whomever you support, not to miss the chance to cast your vote.

Voting in a free election is one of the great privileges of a democracy, and we urge you to make your voice heard! Remember what Conversations with God says: “Politics is your spirituality, demonstrated.”

Which leads us right into where we left off above in this Bulletin, when we ended the column with these words...

Never underestimate the power of your word and the power of your will. Will-power can produce remarkable results.

Willing something to happen is what turns yearning into action.

Picking up where we left off...

When you say, “I am willing” for such and such to happen, you are saying “I am asking” that it happen. Actually, you are saying even more, because the act of willing a thing to happen is not an act of requesting, it is an act of demanding. It is a “calling forth.” As in, “My will be done.”

When I am willing for Divinity to be made manifest in my reality, the Second Step has been taken and I move closer to The Holy Experience. Sometimes I place myself within such an experience by that means alone.

Yet what does it take to be willing to have such an experience? It takes an agreement within the Self to let go of anything and everything that is unlike The Holy Experience.

But wait. This may not be as easy as it sounds. And least, for me it was not. First of all, I did not know what The Holy Experience was like, and so, I could not know what was unlike it. And least, not fully.

I could make a guess about some fairly obvious things—but even those guesses were sometimes inaccurate. For instance, is it part of The Holy Experience to be angry? No, I said to myself. People who are having The Holy Experience are never angry. They never fall prey to their negative emotions.

Then I met a Master who laughed at that suggestion. “Do you really think that a person living within the Holy Experience never knows anger?” the Master asked with a chuckle. “Is that what you call ‘mastery’?”

“Uh, yes, I thought so....” I stammered.

The Master smiled. “A Master is not one who never experiences a negative emotion, a Master is one who never experiences any emotion as ‘negative.’ The Master is one who masters all emotions, and uses them on purpose, with intention, for a specific reason, to produce a particular result. The Master is one who is always creating, and knows that creation is always occurring, and who uses every emotion to create, rather than to react.

The Master knows that all emotion is chosen. And how can anything that is chosen be negative? How can you have a negative feeling when you are getting what you want? You can only have a negative feeling if you have forgotten that everything you are receiving is something you have created. Only a person who is not at mastery would think this.”

I realized when I heard the Master speak that I knew very little about The Holy Experience. That is when my real exploration began….

Thank you for allowing me to insert this ’second’ message in today’s bulletin.  I felt it was important to insert the Voting information before the elections next week.

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