A Letter to Neale: Obstacles keep coming

Reader question:

Dear Neale... For years I have been reading all the books about how to manifest and I have at times been very good at manifesting. However, I now find myself at a time where I cannot seem to manifest any work or money. What am I not doing right this time?...

Kindest regards, Cathrine M.

Neale Responds:

Dear Cathrine: Stop focusing on what is not happening and start focusing on what is. Use this "free time" to do something your soul is calling you to do. You have to do something anyway, right? I mean, you can't just sit around all day looking at the wall, yes? So do something that your soul is calling you to do.

The spirit of you has been trying to figure out for a long time how to get you the moments that you need to follow your heart's bliss and your soul's intention for you. Engage yourself in this, and the time will fly. AND...it could even inadvertently lead you into your next career or job! (Stranger things have happened...)

THEN....know that your next perfect life opportunity, and all the money you need, is coming to you now. Just say that, over and over again, every day -- for a year if you have to. Never give up. Never give up the thought: "My perfect life opportunity, and all the money I need, is coming to me now."


With Hugs & Pure Love,


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