The end is the beginning

Due to the fires in southern Oregon, we were unable to post last week's bulletin. We continue this week right where we left off. Thank you for your understanding!

My dear friends...

Last entry in this space we said that the exploration of Divinity never ends—because Divinity Itself is endless. It is eternal and limitless and it expands the moment Its awareness of Itself is complete.

I would like to explain that further here today.

In a sense, Full Awareness is never possible, only the Illusion of it. In the moment we imagine our Selves to be Fully Aware, we become Aware that there is more of which to become Aware—for Who is The One who is Fully Aware, and Who is The One who is Aware of this?

This is the great mystical question. If you were truly fully Aware, you would not Know it. If there is a part of you that knows you are Fully Aware, that means there must be a part of you that is observing you and measuring what you Know. Yet what part of you is that, if you are already complete and full? This must be a part of you of which you are not yet aware.

Asking this question places us in touch with the nature of Infinity, as best as it can be explained in human terms. Infinity always expands to exceed the grasp of the Finite. One of the best (paradoxical) definitions I’ve heard of infinity is “everything and more.”!!

So long as there is a “you” that seeks to be Fully Aware, Absolute Full Awareness is not possible, because there must exist, by definition, at least two aspects of the Self: (1) That Which Seeks to Be Fully Aware, and (2) That of Which The Seeker Seeks to Be Fully Aware.

Again, let it be stated: Were one to truly be fully aware, one would not be aware that one is fully aware, because who is the One who is “aware”—and of what is that One aware?

This is why I have said: Awareness + Non-Awareness = Realization. When you awaken to this fact, Tool #3 in the creation of The Holy Experience, Exploration, has been utilized completely.

All exploring ceases.

Yet how can this be? Have I not just said, The exploration of Divinity never ends? Yes. Here, then, is the Divine Dichotomy. For it is when the exploration ends that the true exploration begins. We embrace this Divine Dichotomy when we see that two truths, apparently contradictory, can exist simultaneously in the same space. This understanding is what brought me to Tool #4.

And we will look at that amazing little device here next week.

Hugs and love,

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We would also like to share a little about our Prison Outreach Program!

The mission of the Prison Outreach Program is to bring the bright messages found in the Conversations with God books to people living in very dark places.

Many prisoners find themselves wanting to live a better life, a happier life and they write to the CwG Foundation in hopes of finding help here.  In response to those letters, we send our newsletter, Freedom Inside, as well as books, assistance for them to start study groups if they so wish, as well as writing as many personal letters as we can, all free of charge.

Here is an example of a letter we received from a prisoner.  It was published in Issue #7, June-July 2002

“Wow!  Freedom Inside is great, isn’t it?  I’ve been learning soooo much lately. But, it seems as though every revelation prompts a dozen more questions.  Hmmmm… 

       I’m sure glad that you all are out there to help me with this, I’d like to extend my gratitude for the many wonderful responses to my last spiritual crisis, when I wondered how we can live as if  We Are All One in prison.  I’m putting your ideas into practice and getting better at it.    

      But, believe it or not, I’m still confused about a few million things.  Maybe I’m just a little thick-headed or something, but my seemingly never ending skepticism has again gotten the better of me.  I’m hoping that you guys will be able to clear things up for me, again.         

     Someone suggested to me that “detached involvement” is a concept that will be helpful in my quest to live as One among my fellow prisoners.  Now I’m really confused!  Detached?  One?   

     I mean, I understand the concept (sort of), but how will it help?  And how can I apply it to my life as a prisoner?      Maybe I already have.  Maybe we all have.  Heck, I don’t know. 

   I, for one, have a real hard time getting close, or “attached”, to people I meet on the inside.  I’m not here (in prison) to change the world or to preach to people.  I came here alone and I’ll be leaving alone, or at least as alone as I can be knowing that We Are All One.  Consequently, the detached part of detached involvement has not been difficult.  

     But involvement is another matter.  I’ve been told to “do my own time” and to avoid getting in the middle of all the drama to which all prisoners are exposed, and I think that these are good policies for a guy who wants to get out of prison someday.

     So, is the concept of detached involvement telling me to involve myself in the petty day-to-day happenings of the soap opera I live in?  Or, is it telling me to detach myself from caring about the rest of the prisoners who share my domain?  Both?  Neither?     

     What is the deal with detached involvement from a prisoner’s perspective?

      I just don’t get it.  And yes, I’m skeptical.  So if any of you out there have any helpful information that you could toss my way so I can unwrap the knot of confusion in my head, I’d appreciate it a lot if you’d stick it to a sheet of paper and send it to Freedom Inside.

     Maybe, someday, I’ll figure all of this out.  But in the meantime, I need you.  We all need each other, don’t we?

     Am I the only skeptic trying to figure all of this out?  What kinds of things do you struggle with? What is it about prison that makes it hard to feel free inside?  What is making it difficult for you to experience the next grandest version of Who You Really Are?       

     I’d like to encourage all of you to write to Freedom Inside, about whatever’s on your mind.  We need Each Other.  If you’ve got a problem or question, changes are others do, too.  Share them with Us. Let US help Each other.

     Prisoners are the only ones who know what prisoners deal with every day.


The Confused Skeptic.
JM in A


Dearest Confused Skeptic, 

I know you have asked for other inmates’ answers to your questions and I hope we’ll be getting many of them published in the next issues. 

   But for right now, I just had to put my two cents in and answer one of your questions. 


  About detached involvement. (By the way, this is a concept taken from one of Deepak Chopra’s books, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”)

    As I understand it, the “involvement” has to do with all the love we can put into a situation.   You do not detach from people.  Quite the contrary, in order to be at your best, you need to love as much as you can.  Put the best of yourself into each and every situation.  Give the best of yourself to each and every person you meet.    The “detachment” part has to do with the consequences of your actions.  After putting the best of yourself in any and all situations, let go of the need for things to turn out a certain way.   The key to being happy and fulfilled, at least as far as I can see in my own experience, is to BE at my very best and not ask anything of anyone.   I act with as much love as I can because that is who I am.  I don’t do it in order to get something or to get someone to act a certain way.  I do it because it makes ME feel good.  I am completely “detached” from the consequences.  (At least I am when I’m at my best!!)    In that way, I live at peace with myself and with the world.    That is what “detached involvement” means to me.    Now, I leave it to your fellow inmates to answer the rest of your questions. 


With much love,

In order to continue doing this important work, we need your help.  If the CWG message has made as big a difference in your lives as it did in mine, then please donate so that this work can continue.

There are a few ways you can contribute
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3. You can send used (or new) books to 

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