A Home with God e-treat

My dear friends...

We are moving closer and closer to what for me is going to be a grand event for this year, and I am so very excited.

On Sept 17th, I will be sitting down with a small group of highly committed spiritual seekers to explore in depth the material that has been given to us, about death and the process of life. You can learn more here: https://www.wals.ch/homewithgod22

It was several years ago that I was told that a ‘final’ book in the CwG cosmology, to be called Dying with God, was going to be given to us. I began to prepare for the writing of that book in the late summer of 2001. Then came 9/11, and my entire energy field shifted—as did that of most of humanity. Another book and another message wanted to come through in the aftermath of that horrific experience. That book was called The New Revelations, and it explained in the clearest terms yet how an event such as 9/11 could occur, what belief systems were creating such behaviors, and what humanity could do if it wished to avoid such out-picturings in the future. In The New Revelations we were given The Five Steps to Peace, which have since formed the basis of the worldwide mission of Humanity’s Team (www.HumanitysTeam.com).


And so, the book on death was put on hold.


Two more books followed The New Revelations, both of them carrying forward the theme of that important book. (The New Revelations has been called by many the most powerful and socially relevant book of all the CwG dialogues.) These two new texts were Tomorrow’s God and What God Wants. Taken together, I call these three The Second Trilogy, matching in impact and importance the First Trilogy of CwG Books 1, 2, and 3. The Second Trilogy deals with on-the-ground conditions around the world today and gives us a clear path to a new tomorrow, should we choose to no longer move in the direction we are now taking.

That work finally done, my mind was clear and open and ready, at last, to take on the task of bringing through the material that had been “put on the shelf.” In the spring of 2005, I set about to produce, finally, the book that everyone had been waiting for: Dying with God. 


Barely had I gotten a few chapters into the writing when I was told by my publishers that they did not think the title would work, that with all the death in the world, people needed a book of hope, not a book with the word “dying” on the cover. Could I think of another title?

Another title? I thought. How can I do that? This is the title I’ve had in mind from the beginning. But then I decided to let the suggestion in. I decided to listen to the voices that were inviting me to change it. Was it not possible for the world around me to be bringing me messages from the Divine? Could it be that the title that I had in mind was not the title that God had in mind?

I went within. I considered this deeply. I talked about it with those around me. Then one of my dearest friends, Will Richardson, who has been at my side from just after publication of the first CwG book, sent me an email in which he said that the appropriate title for the text had just come to him. “Call it,” he said, “Home with God.”

I knew immediately that he was right. This was the title that the book itself was calling for. I sent the suggestion to New York. It took my editor minutes to respond. “Yes!” she said. “This is it!” Within days the book’s subtitle came to me, and I sent that to New York as well. Again, within minutes, I received a response. “Yes! This is perfect!” Thus, the book became: HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.

The book began to “rewrite itself” almost immediately. I was called to the small portion that was already written and invited by my Self (where God resides) to reenter the dialogue to reflect the new sense of where the book was going—and where it was always meant to go. The rest, as they say, is publishing history. HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends was published on March 21, 2006. Within eight days it had reached #1 on both Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com, the two biggest Internet bookstores in the world. Two weeks after that it hit the New York Times Bestseller List, the pinnacle of publishing achievement. It is the sixth Conversations with God book to make that list.

All this is not in the way of bragging, and I hope you know that. I have no need for self-aggrandizement—and, in fact, every need to steer clear of it. I am telling you this here so that you may know that this is a very special text that has been given to all of us—a message of hope and healing for the world entire. And that is why I am so excited about what is happening on Sept 17th. On that day I will offer the Zoom e-treat on Home with God. It is a Zoom e-treat the likes of which most people have never given themselves, built around the breathtaking messages in HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.

You will have the opportunity to sit down with me on Sept 17th, in the comfort of your own home, to take a deep look at this material and how it could be applied to your daily life. This is the only time in 2022 that I will have the opportunity to join with others for a time of such intense, deep exploration of what has been brought through in this dialogue. There will be people who have a special inner reason to come to this material. And so, this will be a very special moment.

Many of the people who are attending this spiritual renewal e-treat have already reserved their space in the intimate space where we will all convene. There is some space left, and somewhere in the world the few more people who were intended from the beginning to be joining us are now becoming aware of that.

There are just a few people left, a few who seek healing and comfort around the loss of a loved one, a few who seek greater insight and awareness about the process of death and what the Soul will encounter in the Afterlife, and a few who wish to become teachers and healers with this wonderful material. Those few are coming to this thought now, and will be soon making arrangements to reserve the last spaces in this Sept 17th highly intimate e-treat with me. https://www.wals.ch/homewithgod22

I watch this process with interest and with inspiration. And, as I said earlier, with excitement. Thank you, God, for this message, and the people who will hear it and share it.

Love and hugs,

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