Neale Talks About the System Called 'Life'

My dear friends...

Life IS a System, and there is a way to go about changing your life, improving your life, systematically. This "way" is what some people have called... The Secret.

If I consider everything around me as pure energy (which is surely what everything is), I begin to sensitize myself to how all of the energies in my surrounding environment are interacting with each other -- and how they are interacting with ME.

I have discovered that it is possible to become acutely aware of, and attuned to, these energies, and to be able to feel them directly, immediately, and profoundly. I am finding these days that it is impossible for me to put on clothing of a certain color, or eat foods of a certain content, or hear music of a certain genre, without feeling the effect of that energy vibration almost immediately.

The "secret" of life is to know that All Is Energy, and then to monitor and regulate the intake of that energy, as well as focusing and directing the outflow of it from me to all the world. I find that what I take in, I flow out. In this sense, I am like a computer, responding to the rule that every computer analyst knows: GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).

So I don't go to see certain kinds of films, I don't listen to certain types of music, I don't eat certain foods...I don't even say certain words -- or remain long in places and among people where they are spoken. I surround myself with energies that I agree with, and that amplify the energies that I wish to see proceeding from me.

I have also come to understand during my life that as I focus intentionally and intently on the most positive and affirming thoughts (which are, of course, also energies), I can change my life and improve my life in wonderful ways. The Universe responds to the energies I send into it. Like attracts like. My thoughts are like magnets, attracting to me whatever they hold.

I am sure that you have already seen the movie The Secret -- but on the off chance that you have not, I recommend here that you watch it immediately. It is just an amazing discussion and explanation of much of what I have just said above. Then, be sure to read the truly wonderful book The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

It is this law upon which the movie is based, and there is no better explanation of the operation of this law anywhere than in the books and work of Esther and Jerry, who have been among the most dynamic and effective voices sharing this exciting and empowering information during this turn-of-the-century period.

I can tell you that too much of the time I am walking around unconscious. I am largely unaware, or not paying much attention to, the energies that I am inviting into, and creating as part of, my personal space. Yet reading the writings of Esther and Jerry, and understanding through my own conversations with God more and more about the Great Secrets of Life, and being reminded again of these wonderful principles through the messages of such wonderful friends as Rev. Michael Beckwith and the other teachers in The Secret , I am re-centered and reoriented and I feel myself recreating myself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about Who I Am.

And that, after all, is the purpose of Life!

 With Pure Love,

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