Letting go of Expectation

My dear friends...

We’ve been discussing the tool of Visualization in this space as one of the many instruments life has given us as a pathway to The Holy Experience. I wanted to conclude that discussion today with a final note about this particular metaphysical device.

In my experience this is an important part of the process—perhaps the most important part: let go of all expectations, demands, or requirements.

In other words, do not sit back and begin to get impatient if or when you do not see the results you are visualizing. Just forget about your movie after watching it in your Mind’s eye, and move on with your life. Let go and let God.

If your life never shows up for you the way it appears in your “movie,” let that be totally okay with you. Remember, the Universe knows what is for your highest benefit, and it will never bring you something that is not—no matter how badly you want it, or how many times you visualize it. So trust the process.

But use the process as well. Use it to place the focus of your attention on particular pieces of the puzzle on the cosmic table, allowing yourself to magnetize the pieces that will fit together to form the picture that is best for you right now. Say to God, “This, God, or something better!”

Now if it is The Holy Experience for which you are yearning, and you wish to use the Instrument of visualization as the tool with which you can build up to that in your life, allow yourself to picture in your Mind’s eye, and to feel, what it would be like to have such an experience.

Decide what that could “look like” to you; decide how it would feel. See yourself having the experience. Feel yourself aglow with the wonder of it. Watch yourself, in your “movie,” smiling gently, eyes closed, as you move through the Holy Experience of knowing and demonstrating Who You Really Are.

See yourself moving through the world as this. Feel how it would be to demonstrate this. Enjoy, in your little “film,” being filled with love and light, wisdom and clarity, awareness and the highest consciousness.

Watch yourself as you move through regular or predictable moments in your life, your heart overflowing with soft joy and deep love, your Mind filled with vast insight and wisdom, your Body at ease and at peace, and your Soul sweetly expanding into its highest state of being. See and feel your Self experiencing this.

And then, do not be surprised if one day, during one of those regular or predictable moments, you produce in your life exactly what you had been picturing. Do not be surprised if you find yourself opened to, and having, the Holy Experience.

In our next issue we will talk about another tool, movement. See you then.

Hugs and love,


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