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My dear friends...

We’ve been discussing the tool of Visualization in this space as one of the many instruments life has given us as a pathway to The Holy Experience, and last week we explored how the process works, metaphysically, very much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

Now, let’s take a look at a simple technique that I have used to employ the process of Visualization in my life. The process itself is used, of course, as one tool in the creation of the life we have always wanted to experience.

When I want to engage this process, the first thing I do is create a very short “movie” in my Mind of what it is that I choose to experience. For instance, when my first book was published I created a little “film” in which I was opening my post office box and letters were falling out by the dozen. That’s all there was to it. Just a 20- second visualization...a “close up” of my hand opening the P.O. Box and letters literally falling on the floor from being so jammed in there...was all I had to create.

Each night and each morning I ran that movie in my Mind over and over again, about ten or fifteen times. I kept on “seeing” it with my inner eye on the movie screen of my Mind.

Of course, nothing happened at first. I went to my post office box and I found my usual mail, advertising flyers, bills, the free newspaper, etc., but nothing from a reader of the book.

Then, a bit later—perhaps something like two or three weeks—one or two letters began trickling in. Here’s where it took a little patience...because seven weeks later it was a different story. I opened the box one day and sure enough, exactly as in my ‘dream’, the mail fell out onto the floor.

This began to happen every day, until the postmaster put a note in my box asking me if I would kindly rent a larger box, because the clerk could not get all my mail in the one I was using, and they were having to hold most of my mail behind the counter for me.

So, find a time when your Mind is not occupied with something else. For me this is almost always the last moments before I fall asleep and the very first moments after I awaken. Then, “roll the film” and watch the movie you have created. Play your little “plot” over and over again.

In our next issue we will talk about a special magic ingredient you can add to your “movie” that will make it a very powerful tool, indeed. And we’ll also talk about something you can let go of. So don’t miss the end of this series of entries on Visualization, next week.

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