A Letter to Neale: We are all teaching each other

Apr 08, 2022

Reader question:

Dear Neale,  Is everything truly perfect? Can we trust life to put us under opportunities that we desire when we don’t trust ourselves? For example my dream is to become a spiritual teacher just like you, and with it a doctorate in psychology. Yet, Im not a High school graduate im strugling to get my GED im 23. And ive been procrastinating a whole lot. I feel tied up. Can I or should I trust life to give me the way? Joy, Truth, and Love to you, Neale. Thank you. Ovi


Neale Responds:

Dear Ovi...Life will "give you the way" if you will TAKE the way. Life can't give you what you will not take. If you are procrastinating (thank you, by the way, for telling the truth about that; that was very honest of you), then you are not taking what Life is giving you. Study for your GED, take the test, and pass it. In fact, decide you are going to pass it with flying colors; with the highest grade!

Then, go on to become in life what you wish to become. You do not have to hold a doctorate in psychology to become a "spiritual teacher." I do not have such a degree. In fact, I have no college degree at all. I graduated from High School, and that was as far as I got. I did not have the personal discipline or the patience to finish college. I wanted to get on with my life.

I am not saying that you should not seek a degree in psychology, if that is what you want. I am simply saying, it is not required for you to become a spiritual teacher. In fact, you can become a spiritual teacher right now. The truth is, you already ARE one. All people are. Every person is teaching every other person who meets them and encounters them. We are all teaching each other! And the most effective "teachers" among us are the ones who live what we choose to teach.

What are the spiritual "lessons" that you wish to teach, Ovi? Decide that, then look to your daily life to see if, and how, you are a living, breathing example of those lessons. Make every day a teaching for others. Show others what you want them to learn, by showing them what you have learned...about God, about Life, and about your Self.

Begin your ministry of teaching right now, Ovi. That is my invitation to you.



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