At least once in your life

My dear friends...

For the past many weeks we have been speaking here about The Holy Experience. I want to invite you to avoid developing preconceived notions about what that Experience is all about, or what it is supposed to “look like.”

It may not be about feeling “filled with the light” or “warm all over” or “One With The Universe.” It could be about that, but it also may not be.

It may not be about only speaking softly and always moving slowly and forevermore walking around with an angelic expression on your face. It could be about that, but it also may not be.

Once in a while it may be about going bowling.

Do you understand?

The Holy Experience is about joy, plain and simple. It is about the joy of being. Being what? Well, whatever you imagine Divinity to be. Perhaps it’s about being the pure essence of, say...Creativity. Or Caring. Or Wisdom. Or Love. Or Patience. Or Sexuality. Or Understanding. Or Joy. Or Compassion. Or Peace. Or Kindness. Or Forgiveness. Or Generosity. Or Healing. Or Playfulness. Or Insight. Or Courage. Or whatever you think Divinity to be, in this moment right now. (Including All Of The Above.)

I have learned that the Holy Experience can take any from . . . a fun-filled poker game or an hour-long meditation in front of candles. A night at the dance hall or part of an afternoon helping someone who needs a dressing changed on his cancer-ridden leg. It’s about fullness. The Fullness of Life, in any form that brings blessings and does no harm.

This much let me say: Try to do everything wonderful as least once. You’ll never get it done all in one lifetime, but don’t let that stop you. Try.

In this lifetime or in another, everybody should sing at least one song out loud in front of others, dance at least one dance that astonishes everyone, give at least one inspiring speech, receive at least one standing ovation, hit at least one home run, solve at least one problem that no one else has been able to figure out how to solve, win at least one first prize, take at least one really big risk, have at least one true sweetheart, know at least one moment of pure sexual bliss in the arms of that sweetheart, and be gifted with at least one transcendent, unforgettable, indescribable, all-consuming, mind-blowing experience of God.

I wish you this. I wish you The Holy Experience.

Hugs and love,

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