A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... I am hoping that you will address the reaction of some people to the earthquake in Japan (again). A number of people, including public figures, believe that God sent Japan the earthquake as a punishment for various wrongs: 'greed', WWII (65 years late), or whatever. Apparently an appalling number of people still believe in an angry, retaliatory God!

Funny, they didn't blame the Chile quake last year, or the Christchurch quake last month, or the Indonesia quake 6 years ago, on God's wrath. Don't know why...

I guess I am looking to understand how those people think about God. Their God seems very different from mine.

Thank you for any insight you can give.

Lisa (Van de Water)

Neale Responds

Dear Lisa... Of course it is not true that the events in Japan are somehow a demonstration of God s retribution. No God of this Universe demands retribution, because God cannot be damaged or hurt in any way in the first place. Conversations with God has made it very clear that judgment, condemnation, and punishment are all illusions of humans, having nothing to do with ultimate reality. They are the emotional toys of children, and of species that are very young.

As humanity matures (visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard suggests that it is just now coming out of its gestation and is soon to be fully born into the cosmic community of evolved species), its members will come to understand who they really are, the purpose of life, and the glorious and sacred process through which all events lead to their fullest experience of themselves and an expression of their true identity. .

Hugs and Love,


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