A Letter to Neale

Dec 26, 2020

Reader Question:

Recently we received this letter from a spiritual teacher and minister in Florida who is very close to our Foundation's work and has been for many years. He had asked for some books from our Books for Friends program, to share with a Study Group. Here is his letter...


Dear Books for Friends,

The books just arrived, thank you.

Last week during the study group with the women from the shelter there was one particular lady who was having a difficult time with book one. It was more of an introduction to the book and the concepts that we would be studying and I was being met with challenges every step of the way.

She wasn't being disrespectful or anything, she was just sticking to her beliefs and ideas.

I kept on, she was not backing away, I admired her conviction. She even offered to pray for me, which I thanked her for...I asked her what I thought was a very important question, I looked at her and asked, "what scares you about a God like the God depicted in CWG?" ...no answer.....a thoughtful look in her eyes but no answer...

Before I left I gave her my book and said to her, "I dare you, I double dare you to read the book. I invite you to read this book and to ask yourself what kind of world we would create if everyone followed many of these concepts?"

This week...she was back...the first one to enter...she didn't bring the book because she loaned it to someone else...she finished it....she was able to articulate certain concepts...she even expressed her initial confusion with the "Hitler went to heaven thing," but after reading some more she came to a place of understanding.....it was wonderful....

thank you guys for making so many things possible...

i'll keep checking in.

love ya,
Rev. Eddie Rodriguez, C.S.M.C.

Neale Responds

Now, to readers of this week's Bulletin: Because of our Books for Friends Program, Eddie Rodriquez and hundreds of people like him all over the work have been able to provide the CwG material to folks who are financially unable to purchase CwG books. It is because of your contributions to the Books for Friends Program that we are able to provide this service to others.

We receive many requests for these books, and we welcome any support for this program in the form of cash or books. Send tax deductible contributions for books or postage to: Books for Friends, PO Box, 507, Ashland, OR, 97520.  Send books to Janine Cantin, 81 Franklin St., Brookline, MA  02445.  (You can actually buy them secondhand online or at used bookstores and send them to us.)

With Love,


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