A Letter to Neale: Merry, merry YOU.

Reader question:

Dear Neale... Even though I am not a Christian, I want to believe in all the good things that Christmas stands for. But the world has warped my sense of things, I think. I seem to have lost the “Christmas spirit.” Can you help?

With sadness, but hope... Catherine Z., Toledo, Ohio


Neale Responds:

My dear Catherine: You can “find” the spirit of Christmas again by causing another to experience it. Do not seek to find the Christmas spirit, seek to be the source of it. This is very easy to do, and has nothing to do with the time of year, or one’s religious beliefs (or lack of them). It is simply a matter of giving and showing and sharing Love. With everyone. Everywhere you go. All the time. Without exception or limitation.

Try it. Just decide to do it, Catherine. Love is Who You Are, and so you will really simply be making a decision to fall back into your True Identity. And when you make this decision, the world will give you ample opportunity to activate it. Watch. No sooner will you decide to become Love, personified, than the world will present you with chance after chance after chance to be exactly that.

If you then rise to the occasion, you will discover that your have “found” the “Christmas spirit” right where it always was --- deep within you. For it is who you are. It is not something that you find outside of yourself, it is something that you call forth from within yourself. And you do not do it for you. You do it for everyone whose life you touch.

The irony of this is that as you do it for everyone whose life you touch, you do it for you without trying to. What flows through you sticks to you.

So don’t look for the Christmas spirit, Catherine. Provide it for others who are looking for it. Remember always: What you source, you experience.

Merry Christmas, sweet person. Merry, merry...you.



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