A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale, Could you please let me know how to practice the "Gut level clarity" or "faith"? Could you please give me some tips how to develop it. Thank you so much.
Regards, Manish

Neale Responds

Dear Manish: Do not seek to have "faith." Seek to move to a place of "knowing." There are three levels of awareness...

1. Hope
2. Faith
3. Knowing

If you "hope" a thing will happen, you are allowing as to how it might not, but you sure hope it does.

If you have "faith" that a thing will happen, you feel certain that it will, because you have "faith" in the outcome.

If you "know" that a thing will happen, you do not need “faith.” Faith is a statement is trust. Knowing is a statement of fact. There is a significant difference. The energy of the two is vastly different.

The energy of faith can be very powerful. The energy of knowing is more powerful than any other energy in the universe.

Many blessings,


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