A Letter to Neale

Reader question:

Dear Neale... First of all, congratulations for your very important work! Here is my question: How many person told you that he/she has been part of the very same process and goal that you are part of? That is, God has passed the information for years in order to prepare for a kind of a mission. I think, Neale, you gave them the foundations, you showed an example. And that is great! :) What is your advice and message for these people and truly how can you help them? Love,  Zoltan


Neale Responds:

My dear Zoltan...Many people have told me this, and my advice to all of those people is always the same: Go now, and help to heal our world and its people. In terms of how I can help them, certainly I cannot offer them individual help --- there are far too many people and there is far too little of me. As a group, however, I am trying very hard to be of assistance to them in a number of ways....most important, by providing them a global platform through which their individual voices may be heard. I have launched a worldwide platform, www.TheGlobalConversation.com, for those who wish to assist humanity in more deeply understanding, and then re-writing, its cultural story. I appreciate your asking this question.

Sending love.


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