A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale,

I lost my brother to suicide on June 8.  And without putting all of my personal feelings and thoughts into this writing, I'll try to keep it as brief and to the point as possible.

My brother suffered with Huntington's Chorea (HD) - a neurological degenerative condition that over time deteriorates a person's quality of life - both physically, mentally and emotionally.  A suicide note was left thanking his family and friends for their love & support and also to say that he had made peace with himself and with God around his decision, but he didn't want to live with such a horrible dis-ease knowing what lie ahead of him.  And probably more importantly to him, he didn't want to be a burden to anyone who might care for him.  (He saw our Mother as well as our Grandmother pass on in a nursing home from this and even cared for our Mother for a period of time.)

Needless to say, we're all absolutely devastated and I've never experienced such pain as this.  As soon as your book (HOME WITH GOD) came out a few months before my brother died, I ordered it and read it, and I immediately returned there to find comfort with my pain, because I had remembered God speaking about suicide.

My question and heartache is this:  if a human being decides to take their own life because of such a medical condition, will they or do they return to this earth life again only to go through what they tried to escape?  I believe that he's in a much better place now - where he is not suffering and there is no pain of any kind.

If it's at all possible, I would love to hear from you directly on this but I do know you're busy and can't respond to everyone.

Thank you,


Dear Ron,

HOME WITH GOD does say that a person who ends his or her own life will return to physicality and have once more the very experience from which they were seeking to escape.  Yet they will have this experience in a new way -- a way that does not include or produce all the emotional, psychological and spiritual turmoil with which they moved through it the first time.  So please do not worry.  The purpose of going through the experience again is to move through it in a new way, where suffering need not be encountered.  There would be no point to the process otherwise, and the Universe is not interested in wasting energy at any level.  I hope you will release your heartache, knowing that your brother will move through, and master, his path, and that you will both be together again in an experience of joy and happiness, each soul grateful for the utter perfection of its experience, and each soul gleeful to be back together again, with all its loved ones, as the eternal journey continues.



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