Neale Talks About Conversations with God...

My dear friends...

The world has an interesting mind-set about this business of talking with God. Most people believe that not only are conversations with God possible, but they have occurred. In fact, most religions are based on this assumption. What people cannot seem to agree on is when God stopped talking.

If God has never stopped talking, that complicates things, because most religions are based on God's direct revelations to a specific person or group. Those people and groups have no choice, then, but to teach that God's revelations are over. Finished. Kaput. For if God continues to reveal Himself directly to humans, as nearly all religions concede that She did at one point, then what is the need for a particular religion at all?

This is a question religions can't tolerate, because it strikes at the foundation of their reason for being. Religions, in fact, gather their authority from their pronouncement that their founder (or founders) heard the Real Word of God, and that what anyone else heard is a falsehood. A misunderstanding, if not a blasphemy.

This is what first gave human beings permission to call themselves "better" - and to kill in the name of that "betterness."

Now along comes a book called Conversations with God , which boldly states that God has never stopped talking with us, and is, indeed, communicating every day. And not just with a select few of us, but in fact, with every one of us.

Can this be true? Is this possible? Did God not abandon humans after all, following the last Great Revelation? And which was the last one, anyway? Was it the Koran? The Talmud? The Bhagavad Gita? The Rig Veda? The Brahmanas? The Upanishads? The Tao-te Ching? The Bible? The New Testament of the Bible? Could it have been the Book of Mormon? Just which written word, exactly, was the last word? Who has the last word here?

Most religions cannot agree on which old book contains the Word of God, but most can agree that no new book does.

And so, we are faced with the ultimate contradiction: religions that teach that their truth is based on the direct revelations of God, then warn that such revelations are improbable.

It is understandable that people just do not know what to believe. The institution that was meant to clear up everything, has done more than any other human institution to create confusion. In the end, we are on our own.

With one tiny exception. We have God with us, every step of the way. We can communicate with God. We can talk to God, and know that God will talk back to us. We can actually have a friendship with God.

with love,

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