A Letter to Neale

Reader question:

Dear Neale... I would appreciate your thoughts on the following. Awakening and our spiritual journey towards growth is amazing. Not easy though. There is something I feel confused about...well not the only confusion...lol....but one of them.

When I spoke to God and said please I want you to teach me the truth (because religion didn't do it for me), it was and is still being answered according to the spiritual journey I'm supposed to be on, which is amazing because it is like it is customized for me personally according to my own unique me (my personality, my interests, my strengths and weaknesses etc). What confuses me is that I remember clearly one day when I received 'spiritual communication', it said 'You are learning. I want you to share this with others and I will do the rest'.

Now I tried and am still trying whenever a situation arises, but also found that I'm no longer sure whether this is right for me. I tried to share my spiritual experiences (and they are amazing experiences & stories) calmly with others and mostly among my Christian friend connections, but it just caused bad vibes and setting myself up for becoming a target and being told that I'm not saved (the normal judgmental religion thing).

With this happening, I'm back into my protected shell, not happy to get out again and off course, and feeling wounded. One night after I have spoken again at a Christian meeting and shared my views again in a good mature way without trying forcing anyone in any direction or telling anybody they are wrong, I had the following 'vivid dream'.

It said that everybody learns in their own way and that it is a personal process. It's not that this doesn't make any sense to me, but should we all just then keep quiet and keep all our spiritual awakenings and experiences for ourselves to allow for everybody to grow in their own way? Surely not. Imagine if you just kept your amazing story to yourself.

Your thoughts? A friend.


Neale Responds:

Dear friend...The guidance you are receiving feels to be very much in harmony with what I, myself, have been told. Your guidance said that "everyone learns in their own way" and that "it is a personal process." My guidance said simply: "Allow each Soul to walk its path."

My counsel, therefore, is to offer your spiritual insights only when asked. Do not present them to groups of people who you know in advance may be predisposed to vociferously disagree with you.

I do not offer to make presentations to anyone, nor do I request to do so. I simply respond to requests that come to me, asking me to do so. This sets up a far more functional dynamic between me and my audience. I am sharing with them something that they, themselves, have asked to hear.

Now you may wonder, what would cause anyone to ask you to share with them your spiritual experience and beliefs? The answer is: the way you live. Live according to the Agenda of Your Soul and people will begin to ask you, "What is it, exactly, that you believe that makes you act like this?"

You may also choose to write a little booklet on your beliefs, and simply leave it lying around wherever you go...the hair styling salon, the grocery store, the bank, etc. Place in the back of the book: "For more information, to join a study group on these messages, or to contact the writer of this booklet for a speaking engagement, connect here...."

People will start calling you.

I offer this spiritual counsel as my thought only, and hope that it has been helpful to you. You may wish to take your question directly to God, who I am sure will provide a much more personal and wonderful answer.

Sending God's love all ways,


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