A Letter to Neale

Nov 12, 2021

Reader question:

Dear Neale... Thank you for your books. They have bought me great comfort and a lot of happiness from the messages! Can you please describe to me in easy-to-follow instructions how I can best get to the place God described to you as the seat of the soul, that you may return to at any time for answers and guidance? (Unfortunately, I have not mastered meditation yet, so struggle to hear answers, even though I am trying very hard to listen.) I hope this is not a silly question. I have been all through the material trying to figure this out. Thank you so much for your time and for everything you do for people and humanity! Joanne, Christchurch, New Zealand


Neale Responds:

Dear Joanne...I believe you will find wonderful answers to your question in the latest book in the CWG Cosmology, titled The Only Thing That Matters. The book contains a fabulous section describing at least five different ways to meditate, which could be a real help to you in “mastering” this gentle practice. Also, the book offers you four other really wonderful tools with which you connect with, and express, the wisdom of your Soul. Check it out!

With Pure Love,


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