A Letter to Neale

Nov 04, 2022

Reader Question:


I'm a girl from Norway who just started reading the books and am overwhelmed by the power of the message. I joined the local CwG Center in Oslo, and our last meeting was very interesting. The topic for our discussion was "hope," and we had a LONG interesting discussion. But all of us wondered that it's almost not even mentioned in the books. So I wanted to ask -- what is HOPE to you?

Hugs, Guro

Neale Responds

Dear Guro…..

CwG says that there are three levels of awareness at which most people operate: hoping, believing, and knowing. All are useful, all are creative (as is all mental activity), and all are powerful. Hope has been known to keep people alive. Hope has been known to change people's lives. And so, hope can be very powerful. Yet of the three, Hope is the least effective tool of creation.

God says that all thought is creative, and Hope is a form of thought. It is a particular way of looking at something. It is a way of holding a topic or idea in your mind. But it is like having your foot one-third of the way down on the accelerator, all the while seeking to get somewhere in the shortest possible time.

When we say that we "hope" something will happen, we are saying that we are wishing that it will. Hoping is a subtle form of asking. A hope is kind of like a "special request" to God. To hope is to yearn. It is a statement of our heart's desire, and desire is the first level of creation.

Hope is good, but Hoping is not nearly as powerful as Believing.

With love


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