What is true for you?

"God says, 'You may not have what you want'."

When I first encountered those words in Conversations with God-Book 1, I remember thinking, "Wait a minute! That's exactly the opposite of what all religions teach. Religions teach that even before you ask, you will be answered. They teach that God is ready, willing, and able to fulfill all of our desires, if we will but ask. And they teach that if God does not grant us our wishes and answer our prayers, it is because of some higher good or reason, and that we must have faith in God to know what that is."

"These are the things that religions teach, and now here comes CwG saying "you may not have what you want."

Can this be true?

Yes. And it is.

As CwG explains, "wanting" something is an admission that it is not now there. And this admission is what makes that true for us. For Life is exactly what we say it is. It is exactly what we think it is. It is exactly how we act that it is. Our thoughts, words and actions not only describe life, but create it.

If we are saying, "I want more money," for instance, we are actually making a declaration to the Universe. This is an announcement of what is true for you.

Think of it this way: imagine that the word "I" is the magic word that lets the genie out of the bottle. Whatever you say after the word "I" is an announcement. It is a declaration. It is you, saying what is true for you. And in God's Universe, your word is law.

So if you think that you want more money, that is the result you will produce. You will want more money.

If you say "I want more money in my life," the Universe will merely echo, "Yes." The Universe will merely declare, "because you have said it, so be it."

That is what the Universe declares after everything you say. If you say, "I'm sick and tired of this or that," the Universe will say, "That's true. And so it will be."

If you say, "I want more sex and more companionship in my life!" the Universe will declare, "That is true. You DO!" The Universe never disagrees with you!

That is why to "want" something is to push it away from you.

The point here is that I have discovered that the Universe takes me literally. In fact, the Universe has no other way to get its clues as to what to create in my reality except from the things I think, say, and do. What other way is there?

God is not the creator of our reality, God is the observer. And God provides the tools with which we are given the power to create our own reality. These tools are three: thought, word, and deed.

In my own life, I have experienced these words to be true. They are not just some fancy metaphysical talking points that are my truth. Oh, and by the way, because I say that they work, they do work. This is what I call Divine Logic. It circles in on itself.

Everything is a circle, everything is a Closed System, and logic is not an exception. In fact, logic is the ultimate closed system.

In my own life, I have given up "wanting" things. I can have "desires," but I have no "wants."

What is the difference, you ask?

You can always tell the difference between a desire and a want by the degree to which you become upset if it is not fulfilled. A desire is a preference. A want is often experienced as something larger than that. Perhaps it is even seen as a necessity.

In truth, I have found that there are very few—actually, remarkably few—necessities (that is, things I cannot do without) in life. I can do without almost anything and be happy. And not just a little bit happy, a lot happy.

I have experienced that Communion with God is right when it says that it is an illusion that Need Exists.

I have learned to change my wants to preferences. A book that has helped me a lot in this regard is a wonderful volume written over 25 years ago by Ken Keyes, Jr. called The Handbook to Higher Consciousness. It can be found in most libraries and in many Used Book Stores. I highly recommend it.

With Pure Love,

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