Concluding thoughts about ‘yearning’

Oct 23, 2021

My dear friends...

We spoke in this space last week about the energy we call “yearning,” and we concluded the column by saying...

“Ultimately, yearning for Divinity leads to the Holy Experience, for yearning always produces the experience for which it yearns.”

Let’s continue that thought this week...

One cannot yearn for something that one does not think exists—or at least can exist. Nor can one yearn for something that one knows not of. Worms cannot yearn for romance, nor for the perfect life partner, nor for a painless death or a glorious life in the hereafter, because such concepts are mental constructions emanating from a far different place of consciousness than that in which nearly all life forms on the earth reside.

In ultimate truth, yearning for something is an acknowledgement that it already exists. All that remains is the question of how to bring that to you.

“Wishing” is not the same as “yearning.” “Wishing” is the name we give to the weakest form of creation. That is evident in the fact that the formulation of energy known as “wishing” declares that the outcome is in doubt. When you know that something will happen, you don’t wish for it.

When you flip the light switch as you enter a room, you don’t catch yourself wishing that the lights would come on. You fully expect them to. You know that they will. This is what is meant by the statement that “the formulation of energy known as ‘wishing’ is a declaration that the outcome is in doubt.”

Yearning is one level above wishing. The very act of yearning for a thing places it there, for yearning is an acknowledgment that the thing yearned for could occur or manifest—maybe only in our “wildest dreams,” but there, at least.

(It is, of course, our wildest dreams from which all miracles emerge. Such wonderful dreams are simply non-physical formulations of energy—a highly wispy or ethereal form of thought about what we choose to be possible.)

While yearning alone can lead to The Holy Experience, for most people yearning is not enough to get us there. It is simply too weak of a force to produce manifestation in physical experience. We can, however, add other energy to this energy, multiplying the Forces of Creation. And we will talk about that other energy in this space next week!


With Hugs & Pure Love,

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