A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... Some people, like myself, can hear, see or feel unusual phenomena happening around us. Because of it being possible demons, it frightens me. I rebuke them in the name of the Lord Almighty. They usually leave me alone. Page 51 of CWG 1 says there is no such thing as the devil.

The Bible illustrates a story where Jesus cast out the demons from a boy into a herd of pigs which ran themselves into the water and drowned (Mark 5:11-13). Pastors and priests alike are dealing with these unexplained phenomena, casting out demons of those people who are possessed. What about these exorcists? What about those souls lingering around the earth that are not trouble-makers, but here to help? I have experienced them both.

When do you know which ghosts are trustworthy or not? I believe we can't ignore these situations, because many people have experienced them. All stories are different. What are they, if not demons? Are the good-doers, angels? Some ghosts seem like restless souls! How can these ghosts' souls be at rest if they are in a state of "sleepless drift?"

How do we get rid of them or help them? How can we protect ourselves from these souls that have not progressed spiritually? What are they, or who are they, really?

Wendy, Stillwater, OK.

Neale Responds

Dear Wendy, I do not know the answer to your questions. I did not ask these questions in my Conversations with God, and so I cannot pretend to know what is so about all of this. I do know what God told me about the "devil," the fact that Satan does not exist.

Are there such things as "agonized souls" that hang around our physical world, causing havoc? I just don't know. What would I do if there were? I would love them, Wendy. I would send them all the love and compassion I could muster. If I felt, or thought, that one was present in my life, or in the life of another, I would command it to leave-just as I "command" all other outcomes and results in my life. That is, I choose them, I set my intention for them. So I would issue this command with love. Above all, I would show this agonized soul that I had no fear. This is, I believe, what you are doing when you say you "rebuke it in the name of the Lord Almighty." I guess the only thing I would do differently is that I would love it in the name of God. Love works better than rebuke every time.

Are there such things as "demons," which pastors and priests "cast out"? I do not believe so, although I do believe that some people can think so, and thus create a reality that very much looks as if and feels as if they are "possessed." We can convince ourselves of anything, Wendy, and thereby make it our reality. The movie What Dreams May Come is based on that understanding, and illustrates it beautifully. It also illustrates what happens when we simply change our mind about that.

I'm sorry that this is not a more complete or direct answer to your question, Wendy. But here's a thought: why not ask God yourself, and see what wisdom comes to you? Let me know what this yields. I'd be interested.

Many blessings,


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