A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale, I just finished reading Book 3. Wow! This is the best book of all! The best part was the last fifth of the book, which talked about HEBs. Do you really believe that there are such things? Will we ever be able to have a life such as the ones they live?

Eleanore, Seattle, WA.

Neale Responds

Dear Eleanore, perhaps we should explain, for those who haven't yet read the book, what "HEBs" are.

The word HEB an abbreviation for "Highly Evolved Being." The final pages of the book are devoted to questions and answers about how life is lived in the highly evolved societies of the universe. And yes, Eleanore, I believe that such societies exist, and I believe that human beings will one day produce such a society on Earth. We are not there yet, however. In fact, as the book itself says, it is the mark of a primitive society to imagine itself to be highly evolved. That describes human society to a "T".

Right now, we are killing each other to resolve our differences, and that is a very primitive behavior. Right now, we are killing others to punish them for killing others, and that is a very primitive behavior.

Right now, we are eating the flesh of dead animals, and that is a very primitive behavior. Right now, we are smoking known carcinogens, and that is a very primitive behavior. Right now we are drinking known mind-deadeners, and that, too, is a very primitive behavior.

Right now, we are living what Book 3 calls a "cultural myth" of survival of the fittest, and we have allowed ourselves to adopt a primary belief in the inherent evilness of Humans. Yet God tells us that we are not inherently evil, but reflections of the Divine, and that "survival of the fittest" is a cultural imperative which could only be adopted by a race of beings who did not understand that We Are All One.

This is something that we, Eleanore, do not understand. If we did, most of the problems of the world would be solved tomorrow. Yet we are moving closer, ever closer, to this understanding.

Many blessings,


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