A Letter to Neale: Are we born with a ‘path’ to follow?

Sep 24, 2021

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...Thanks so much for the opportunity you have given here to clear up some confusion. I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times before but I'd like to say that many books have impacted deeply on my mind and heart but yours were the first to resonate with my soul.

If I understand CwG correctly our purpose in life is simply(?) to be the next grandest version of ourselves we can be, and we create our own direct purpose on earth (consciously or unconsciously) through our choices.

While I see this to mean that there is no limit to what we can be and do, it also seems to exclude the idea of being born with a specific 'path' to follow, e.g. people will say they felt destined to become a sports hero or president or policeman. Does your soul not have some direction it wants to follow?

You said in one of your writings, "Your soul is up to something. It is seeking to experience itself in a particular way." Am I understanding what you are saying, or just taking it out of context? I hope my question is not too long-winded.

Thanks for the time,  Mark

Neale Responds

No, Mark, your question is not too "long-winded." The information that I have received tells me that it is quite possible for souls to "set their agenda" prior to returning to physicality from the Realm of the Spiritual.

From all that I have tried so hard to understand as a result of these messages coming through, I do not believe that souls set a particular agenda about specific things that they wish to "do," but, rather, return to physical life from the spiritual realm in order to experience a State of Being, and that only after living in physicality for a while does a person decide upon the best way to do that.

I could, of course, be completely wrong about this -- and I probably am. This is not one of those areas that is deeply discussed in the Conversations with God material. I do think we have to be careful about the idea that we, to use your words, "have some direction" that our soul wants us to follow. If this idea were to be taken literally, we would wind up spending most of the days of our lives yearning and trying to figure out what it is that our soul wants us to do.

Conversations with God does make one thing very clear. It tells us that life is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation. Therefore, I want to recommend that you do not spend important moments trying to "figure out" what it is your soul wants you to do. Rather, use the precious moments of your life to arbitrarily create what it is you next wish to experience, and leave it to your Superconscious to lead you in the right direction with regard to that.

The Path of the Soul is not the path of “doingness,” but rather, the path of “beingness.” That is, it is not what you are or will be doing that matters, it is what you are being while you are doing it that will be important to you at the end of your life—and that will be important to you now, if you are undertaking the Sacred Journey of Life in a state of conscious awareness of the Divine Purpose.

I was not for many years, Mark. I am still not all of the time, but I am in such a state much of the time, and that has made all the difference.

All of this has been richly described in my book  The Only Thing That Matters, and  I highly recommend that you read it.  You can order it through our web store at www.cwg.org or any of your local book stores.


With Hugs & Pure Love,


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