A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... Recently my best friend was lucky enough to have a new granddaughter added to her family. However, shortly after birth the baby was found to have a very rare skin disease. My friend asked me and several other Reiki Masters to send the baby Reiki and our prayers. We have all done this as asked. My question to you is, are we interfering with what this baby's soul has chosen for this life to endure by sending healing and prayers to her? I know from your teachings that we all choose the path for this lifetime. Thank you in advance for your answer.



Neale Responds

Dear Diane,

The answer, Diane, is no. Prayers for another are never interferences. Sending good energy to someone is never unwelcome by any soul. It could be that, at the soul level, this Divine Essence is inviting your good energy in, and that is why you have been caused to even know about this.

"Doing good," or doing something wonderful, is never, ever a violation of karmic law. Try not to over-intellectualize your spirituality. Use common sense instead. What feels good and makes sense to your heart is what makes sense to God as well, for your heart is where God dwells.

Hugs and love...


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