A Letter to Neale: Do all thoughts manifest as reality?

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...I was wondering how powerful you consider manifestation to be when thinking a thought that is not necessarily wanted—say, for instance, a fear of something happening. This fear of something happening is niggling inside the mind and is hard to get rid of. What I have interpreted from CWG and other sources teaching about manifestation is that even though this thought comes into the mind and may stay there, another thought can be chosen i.e. to choose another way of thinking. Which would have more power? I have heard it said that feelings play a strong role in this--fear can be quite a strong feeling...

Thanks for your answer...Andrew


Neale Responds

Boy, Andrew, do I ever recommend that you read Happier Than God, and read it right away! Your exact question is answered there! In detail! In brief, Andrew, the thought that has the most power is the thought that is entertained and dwelled on most often...and that is experienced and internally expressed with the most feeling. And yes, fear CAN be "quite a strong feeling." So, as Jesus said, "Fear not." Happier Than God devotes an entire chapter to how to let go of fear. I earnestly recommend that you get it and read it right away. It's available in most bookstores and at Amazon.com. Hurry. This book was written for you!  

With Hugs & Pure Love,


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