A Letter to Neale

Sep 04, 2020

Reader Question:

Dear Mr. Walsch: Yesterday, my wife and I received a gift package in the mail. Among the gifts inside was your book, Conversations with God Book 1. And that is why it happens that I have written to you today.

Sir, first allow me to say with all sincerity that I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you had the conversations, which are recorded in the volume mentioned above, and that you had them with a being from the spiritual world which surrounds us. I am not requesting your monthly letter, sir, but I am concerned for you, Mr. Walsch, out of sincerity and a genuine love, which is rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please let me share with you why that is.

Mr. Walsch, the being who had a dialogue with you was not God, but either a demon or Satan himself, trying to masquerade as God. Satan is good at deception, and he is going to continue to use you to deceive many others through the second and third books the spirit being spoke about. But only if you continue to allow it.

Let me pause to say that you seem to have a sincere desire to share with people for the purpose of helping all who will listen. But you are sincerely wrong in this message you are bringing.

P.D.B., Killeen, TX.

Neale Responds

Dear P.D., Thank you so very much for your kind and gentle letter of Christmas Day.

I can't tell you how much it means to me to receive from you such a sincere and wonderful communication. I can only tell you that I wish that all the peoples of the world felt as strongly about their personal convictions and spiritual understandings as you do about yours. If each of us acted forthrightly and with honor and integrity in responding to our deepest inner convictions, the earth would become a glorious and wondrous place in which to live.

That does not mean to condemn others, however, or to harm them physically or emotionally because they don't agree with us. This you have not done, but merely expressed your opinion and your human concern, and that is something I will always welcome and appreciate.

I want you to know, P. D., that I honor your point of view. I understand how much it means to you. I know that you deeply feel committed to upholding the tenets of your theology, and I encourage you to continue to do so. It was generous of you to take the time to communicate with me at such length, and it was wonderful of you to have the concern, which has sponsored your communication.

I hope that you will grant me a continuing generosity and allow me to hear your words and receive the wonderful emotion and human concern, which underscores them without necessarily having to agree with the conclusions to which you have come. I will always hold you as a friend of the heart who wishes the best for me, and I am grateful for your willingness to act on your highest ideas.

I know that we both wish God's greatest blessings for each other, and in this we have found a common ground. And so I close my response to you with my continuing wish that God will grant you ongoing love and goodness as a rich experience in your life.

Your Friend,



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