A Letter to Neale: What does the future hold?

Sep 03, 2021

Reader Question:

 NOTE: The following letter was written to Neale several years ago. We are deliberately re-printing it now to place all the fears that were expressed here into context --- and to help any person who may still have big fears about “2021”.

Dear Neale...I was at one of your workshops and I loved it! I've been going to other workshops and I've found some things that even that they're not supposed to be scary, they did scare me. One of them was that I went to Ramtha's School and he is now preparing all of us for the days to come. He says that the earth is changing in tremendous ways and between the war, the climate change and 2012, everything will be practically...hmmm...well, different.

He says the earth is going to tilt 3 degrees and that will cause amazing changes that will cause the oceans to get empty, with winds up to 3000 m/h, which nothing will be left, atomic bombs (prior to that, maybe on 2008 or 9), earthquakes, volcanoes everywhere, the coasts are going to move, like half of Mexico gone, California, NYC, Florida, etc. gone, almost all of Europe will freeze, no clean water, total disaster, fear, etc. which is starting in 2010 and will be going on until 2012. So, he says the only way to survive that is to build an underground shelter on the highest place we can find and have everything for 2 years (including a pump for underground water) and not coming out for anything on those 2 years because people will kill you for water and food.

And, to practice everything, focus, knowledge, etc. to create our lives for the future (really, create them in order to survive because we download the future from the universe and assure our survival) On the other hand, there's the Mayan Prophecies, that kinda says the same thing, but in a spiritual level. They talk about changes in everybody's consciousness and going to a new level, the 4th dimension. New awareness, new world, etc. But... their calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

Besides that, I've heard about the Photons Belt that the sun is about to go in and that will cause 3 days of darkness and that's it. Of course, the changes for that are incredible. So, after all of this, I feel that I "have" to do something that I don't want to do (like build a shelter), I don't know how to create my life anymore because I feel like I have no choice, I'm feeling that responding to this is out of fear, and not out of love and faith.

I'm specially scared of living and acting with fear and for fear (feeling that if I don't do it I won't survive, nor my family) and not with love. I feel I don't want to do anything I want or I love because what for? Everything will be gone in 5 years or less... so, I'm paralyzed... I want to know if according to God (if you please may ask her) this is true and how to approach it. Thank you so much and hugs! Tiare.

PS. Ramtha doesn't teach fear, this is my perception of the information (others are taking it pretty good).


Neale Responds

My dear Tiare...Conversations with God says that we are creating our own reality, at every step along the way. This is true or it is not. If it is true, then we can alter our future and recreate it in any way that we wish. We can do this using the Three Tools of Creation...Thought, Word, and Deed.

If you think that all that Ramtha predicts is actually going to happen, then it will in your reality. If you are willing to create -- and co-create with the rest of us -- another reality that is more pleasing to you, we can work together to do that.

I want to suggest that even if my statement here is all wrong, and the Ramtha predictions are inevitable, we will at least have spent our time between now and then in joyful pursuit. Which does bring up another, and interesting, question, Tiare. What are we trying to do here anyway? I mean, here on the earth?

What is our purpose here, however long we may live? Is it to "survive"? Or is it to announce and declare, express and experience, become and fulfill Who We Really Are? And if we do that for only one moment before the end of our physical lives, has our life been worth it? Did we do what we came here to do? I want to suggest to you, my friend, that the answer may be yes.

So let us use the days and times ahead as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and expansion, allowing our divine selves to know through our direct experience Who We Really Are. Be good and kind, caring and thoughtful, forgiving and forgetting, grateful and gracious, to all those whose lives you touch. Help others to feel the wonder and the glory of who they are.

And now I want to make this prediction: When the horrific events predicted for 2012 do not occur (just as they did not occur as predicted for the catastrophic computer crashes at the start of the New Millennium that was supposed to make all the world's systems collapse), what Ramtha and others will say is this: "The shift in global energy produced by the newly aroused determination of millions of people to create the future in another way has resulted in saving our planet...for the time being. Our predictions were therefore instrumental in awaking humanity, and we likewise wish humanity to know that continued vigilance is now necessary, as disaster for your world may still be around the corner."

In this way, people can keep the pressure up, keep the spiritual stress level high, and, not incidentally, keep an audience listening with ears glued to every word. Impending doom has been a magnet for the collective mind for thousands of years. It continues to be so today. But not for me.

And if I am wrong, and doom IS right around the corner, what difference will my having been wrong make? I certainly am not going to build an underground shelter and figure out a way to live in it for two years before coming out and living like a caveman in a primitive world. Nope. Don't think so.Thank you for your kind words. And for the way you are choosing to show up in our world.

With Hugs & Pure Love,


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