A Letter to Neale

Aug 22, 2020

Reader Question:

Dear Neale:
After reading the closing of your book and down to the ending of the last letter of your name there were chills that came all over me, and then even more chills. So I give you thanks for being the messenger you were meant to be. Above all, I give thanks for this book to be written. For I, too, had many of the same questions you did; I have even more regarding the psychic world.

My questions are: (1) How do you become psychic? (2) Is there a danger, as they say, for "bad" spirits to enter you if you do not put the white light around you? (3) In Mary Summer Rain's book Spirit Song she meditates and is in a place they call "hell". If there is no "hell" what place has she experienced? (4) What purpose is the white light? (5) Is it okay to ask a psychic for information about yourself and loved ones who have passed away? Or should we develop this ability ourselves?

Love and happiness,
Stephenie, Corona, CA

Neale Responds

Dear Stephenie: Your questions invite an entire book! Actually, question 1 is covered in the CWG trilogy. Let me give you some quick reference data here. First, there is no way to "become" psychic. You already are. Everyone is "psychic", and there is no way not to be. Being psychic is part of our nature. It is our sixth sense. And recognizing this is the first step toward actively utilizing one's psychic ability.

So here is the short version of the answer to your question 1: Recognize, acknowledge, accept and own your own psychic sense as a natural gift. Use your psychic sense every day by paying attention to it; listen to your "intuition" about things, and act on that as often as you can. Don't think when you get a "psychic hit", just act. Do it. The more you act quickly on your psychic "hits", the more you'll learn to trust them, as you find that acting on them brings affirmative results.

Listen to feelings. Feelings are the language of the soul. If it "feels" like you should be doing, or not doing, something, listen to that. That's your psyche (soul) talking to you. Give yourself permission to be "wrong". It'll take a while to separate genuine intuitive wisdom from the mish-mash of thoughts, ideas, fears, etc., running around inside your head. Don't give up if you start following your feelings, or giving in to your first impulse, and finding yourself "wrong" for having done that.

Grant yourself some leeway here. Especially at first. Say the first thing that comes to your head. Whenever you get a "hit", say it. Out loud. Put yourself "out there" in that way. You'll find that you're blurting out to others some of the most astonishing stuff, and some of those others will look at you in shock that you could have come up with such insight and information.

Never use psychic gifts for personal aggrandizement or enrichment. That's very much akin to using sex for personal power or manipulation, instead of the pure and loving purpose for which it was intended. I have found that psychic gifts "go away" if they are used to attract a shower of attention or money. Use psychic gifts only in the service, and for the benefit, of others. I realize this is my personal construction, but after all, it is me you are asking!

(2) I do not believe in the often talked about "danger" of "bad spirits" entering me-and so, of course, they don't! Ha! I have to laugh at that, because I really don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg! I mean, I genuinely don't know which happened initially, the belief or the experience.

I do think-and the CWG trilogy has led me to further believe-that our thought about a thing creates our reality of that thing, so if you carry a thought that (a) there is such things as "bad spirits," and (b) putting the "white light" around you protects you from them, then that will be our experience. As a result, you won't be bothered by "bad spirits" any more than I am!

(3) I haven't read Mary Summer Rain's book Spirit Song. Those who know Mary Summer Rain say she is a very honest person, extremely true to herself, and so I am sure that she had the precise experience she has written about. My own CWG 3 talks much, more about this experience of "hell" which many people believe in, and which some (such as Mary) have apparently had, if only through brief, revealing "visitations."

What place has Mary experienced? Good question. You would have to ask her. In my own view of things (which is worth nothing, actually, since this was Mary's experience), I would speculate that she has visited a place created deep in her personal belief system-which is to say, her personal reality, for in my construction, belief systems are reality. This place may be so deep in most people that they may have forgotten when they originally created it, or even that they did. In fact, they would swear to you that they didn't, that it is real. That it is Reality. And indeed, for them it is.

"Hell" is simply not a reality for me, so I don't go there, nor am I afraid of going there, nor, therefore, will I ever go there, for there is no "there" to which to go! You see? (More about all of this will be found in the final book of the CwG series, HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.) Of course, I could be all wrong in this, so I would be careful about adopting my belief system if I were you.

(4) What do you wish to be the "purpose of the white light?" Do you not see that things do not have a "purpose" intrinsically? That is the hardest part of what has been revealed to me for most people to understand. A thing has no purpose in and of itself. Every purpose for any thing is given to it by you and me. We decide what a thing means, and what purpose a thing shall have. And before we decide, a thing has no purpose at all!

Now it is true that some things have already been "assigned" a purpose by those who have come before us, and by the collective agreement of their offspring. We all understand the purpose of a fork, for instance. Or of a shovel. So we agree on some things, collectively, and thus make life workable. But there are some things we can't agree on, no matter how many people have "come before" with an idea about it.

What is the purpose of sex, for example? Or of power? What is the purpose of illness? Of God? What is the "purpose" of music? Of art? (They are still debating that one in PTAs and School Board budget meetings all across America. Some say music and art have no purpose, and therefore no place, in public schools. Others vehemently disagree.)

So you see, the white light has no purpose. It is purposeless, as is all of life. What is the purpose of your life? You decide! And while you're about it, decide what the purpose of the white light is.

(5) Of course it is okay to ask a psychic for information about yourself or a loved one who has passed away! Why wouldn't it be? At least, that's my opinion. Now someone else may tell you differently. Don't you see? There is nothing but point of view to dictate this. And whatever point of view you adopt, so, too, will it be for you. Now, do you think God has a "rule" about this? Wrrooonnngg. God has no rules about anything! That's the whole message of the CWG books! 



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