A Letter to Neale: Can you change a Sponsoring Thought?

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...I don't know why I need to ask questions if the answers are all within us. I have lived a life of a villain and a victim. Please don't delete this email, I need some help!

I need to know how to get to the roots of thoughts. I know that I have to read and re-read the CwG Trilogy again and again. I grew up in an alcoholic home and became an alcoholic myself. However, I am 12 years sober and I love that I am sober.

I have always felt God and I know God is always with me with each breath I take. I was married to a police officer 21 years ago, and I have carried with me the shame and guilt for a long time of the acts we committed. He was killed by his best friend back in 1986. It was headline news in our area for the longest time. I used to go with him to perform criminal acts that harmed a lot of humans. We called it ridding the earth of criminals. I felt it was hell on earth.

I have carried with me all kinds of anger that I have a hard time letting go of. I have to let go of a lot that used to victimize me. I am in therapy as I type this, and this woman has allowed me to bring your book into therapy. This book has changed my life!!! I need simple terms...I keep reading your book and keep returning to Sponsoring thoughts.

I know there is a link that will free me of a lot of anger and shame, but I can't put my finger on it. Can you help me in the simplest terms to understand fully the Sponsoring thought process? I choose to experience peace hopefully on a day-to-day basis. We are all one and I knew this for a long time ,but I never listened to my tummy when it was in knots. I choose to have a deeper connection with God and I choose life!! Your are a blessing to this person by far!! Can you help me? Can you give some kind of insight? Thank you so much. Sincerely L.P.


Neale Responds

Hello, L.P. -- First of all, you will notice that I have edited out information that you included in your question that could identify you or the area in which you live. There is no need to add the light of public scrutiny onto your already full plate. Second: My personal counsel would be not to spend your time trying to "get to the roots of thoughts." That's what psychiatrist and psychologists try to get people to do, and it is sometimes helpful, but it is not the CwG way of what I call Intervention Helpfulness from a Spiritual Perspective.

CwG says that Sponsoring Thoughts cannot ever be changed, in that they are formed very, very early in life. (Sometimes even before this life!) But they CAN be over-ridden. That is, there is an "override" button on this mechanism that we call Life, that allows us to "bypass" our Sponsoring Thoughts. Here is that mechanism: THINK A NEW THOUGHT.

There is no "delete" button on this computer, but there is an "add new data" button. This allows us to alter the data. Not to erase it, but to alter it. Now the great secret:
You don't need to know why you had a Sponsoring Thought, or where it came from, in order to alter it. Let me explain that a bit, by using an example.

When I was a child I developed a Sponsoring Thought that bodies of water are dangerous. Even pools. The result of that is that I could not even enjoy my own backyard pool. There is nothing that I could seem to do to erase this Sponsoring Thought -- and finding out where it came from or how I acquired it did not help me a bit. It was still there.

What DID help was when I started adding data to the original thought. Yes, bodies of water are dangerous. But not ALL bodies of water, and not THIS body of water that I call my backyard pool. And I can have a good time splashing around in my pool for a number of very good reasons: It is only 9 feet deep; I always make sure that I have a good swimmer around when I go in; everyone knows I am not a good swimmer and so everyone is watching out for me; etc., etc.

My advice to you: take a look at the NEW thoughts you would like to have about yourself and your life and what you seek and choose to create in your future. Also, write out some new thoughts about God and Guilt and Good and Evil and all that. I want to recommend that you rush -- do not walk, to not jog, but RUSH -- to your nearest bookstore, or get online, and order a copy of Happier Than God, one of the books in the CwG cosmology. It gives you very real and very powerful tools with which to build the day-to-day experience -- and the life -- of your choice. I wish you well.

With Hugs & Pure Love,


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