A Letter to Neale: How you can create peace in the world?

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... I wonder if you can assist me with a confusion in my own mind... the issue is peace, world peace, to be precise.

How do we approach world peace as conscious creators of our life experience and the experience of the collective - that which we must all experience as humanity? So... The Secret (a movie and book) would tell us that what we focus on expands. Many teachers will tell us to not watch the news because in doing so we give energy to negativity. Mother Teresa said she would not attend an anti war demo but would a pro peace rally... So on the one hand, even if we focus on what we do not like or what we do not want in our own lives we might, nevertheless, attract that into our lives... that appears to be the message of conscious creation.

But on the other hand, what about spiritual activism to bring peace into the world, i.e. lobbying MPs, senators, etc ., speaking out against war, Marianne Williamson and her crusade for a Department of Peace in the US etc...? Should we not make our voice heard that war is not a good idea? Is a very bad idea, in fact?

I think that you said on your oneness tour in Birmingham, England that if someone is being kicked in the alleyway, you would not walk on past, and so it is when faced with a world in which people are war victims. So which is the wisest approach so that we do not create more war? And what is the wisest approach so that we also make people see that war is futile? Any help to get my own mind straight on this would be appreciated. And your views are absolutely treasured... At the moment I do focus on peace, but I do get very angry about war.

Nick R., Southampton UK


Neale Responds

Hello, Nick. Your question is answered in Happier Than God, as well as in The Storm Before the Calm, two books in the CwG cosmology. 

Our current Cultural Story, Nick, is a story based on Separation Theology. Separation Theology is a theology that says "I am 'over here' and God is 'over there', and never the 'twain shall meet until I die and God decides whether I have been good enough to come back "home" and to be back with Him 'over there'."

The problem with a Separation Theology is that it produces a Separation Cosmology. That is, a cosmological way of looking at all of Life which holds that everything is separate from everything else. And a Separation Cosmology produces a Separation Sociology. That is, a way of socializing the human species that separates every person from every other person by declaring their interests to be separate. And a Separation Sociology produces a Separation Pathology. That is, pathological behaviors of self-destruction, engaged in individually and collectively and evidenced everywhere on our planet throughout human history.

Our effort in the physical world right now might best be to offer a new Cultural Story to the body human...a story of the unity of all life (and, of course, of all people everywhere). As I've mentioned above, you can participate in this effort, Nick. And doing so will help you to "off load" some of the very angry feelings you have about war. And speaking of how you, by your own words, "do get very angry about war...", I would like to suggest to you that, as Einstein noted, no problem is solved by using the same energy that created it. That is, anger never resolves anger, violence cannot eliminate violence, and lack of peace will never bring about peace.

Give yourself permission to experience internal peace, Nick, knowing that those who engage in war are doing do out of confusion. They do not know how to achieve or acquire what they most want in life without using violence---or they are convinced that violence is the only way they can achieve it. It is a matter of confusion, but not of fundamental evilness. People are not fundamentally evil, Nick. They are fundamentally good, and loving.

Remember this, from A Course in Miracles: All attack is a call for help.

Sending God's Pure Love to you all ways,


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