A Letter to Neale

Aug 05, 2022

Reader Question:

Dear Mr.Walsch!! ...

I hope you will find time to answer me (if not, I will understand). I'm from Croatia and I read 6 your books. I'm very fascinated. I would like to ask you for help(although these books helped me a lot to realize many things and to get picture of God who loves all of us,and who doesn't know for punishment). In past three years I had many problems in my life. I'm now 18 years old. In that 3 years I was often bad mood and after some time I lost confidence in other people. I stopped believe in future, in myself. I tryed to commit suicide few times. And became someone who doesn't know where he is, why should he live in this world,etc. Everyday things are boddering me. I left school (I still have a chance to wright exams), and I can't find myself here. Could you help me with some advice.

Thanks in advance.
Your's faitghfully, Filip.


Neale Responds

Oh, my dear Filip!

The first thing I want to tell you is, I love you for writing to me. Thanks for having the courage, thanks for having the openness, thanks for having the determination to get some answers to life's biggest questions. Second, Filip, I want to tell you that you are not alone in looking for these answers. People all over the world are asking the same questions that you are. So don't think for one minute that you are "the only one" who is having these problems or is facing these kinds of challenges.

Now, Filip, let us look at things together. Here is what I know. The time that you are now moving through is difficult for every person. Many younger people are not clear about who they are and why they are here. Yet there is plenty of time to create those answers. You do not have to have all those questions figured out now. I would like to advise you to just allow yourself to let some of the questions be "unanswered" for a while. Live your life with all the wonder of youth, and let part of that wonder have to do with wondering who you are and what you are doing here! Allow your life, as it rolls out ahead of you, to bring you these answers! Life will reveal the answers for you, I promise you.

Oh, Filip, my wonderful friend, do not do this suicide thing. Our world needs young people such as you! Look at how strong you are to even ask me this question! Look at how open and honest you are! You are just the kind of person we NEED on this planet in the years ahead.

You can be a leader right now, Filip! You can show other young people your age what it is like to create a life with new ideas about God and about each other---the ideas that you have embraced as a result of becoming aware of the messages of Conversations with God and the New Spirituality. There is so much good you can do in our world, and right there in your own community. All you have to do is look around you, and you will see opportunities all over the place!

And do whatever you can to learn as much as you can, Filip. These are the exciting years when you can learn as much as possible about the world around you! What are your interests? What are you most fascinated by? Why do you think God put you here on this earth? To just give up and throw your life down? No, Filip, No. Your life is the gift that God gave you. What you do with your life is the gift that you give back to God. So give yourself some time, in order that you may give this question of what you will do with your life some real thought. First, spend the next year or two simply observing life. Look around you. Watch carefully what is happening. Go to school, or, if that is not possible, find some small job somewhere, and begin to observe life, and see what gift it is that you will be called upon to give.

Life will resolve this question in the process of life itself, Filiip, if you will allow it to. When you get into a "bad mood," go right out and find someone who has things even worse than you, and help that person in some way. It will amaze you how much better you feel...both about yourself, and about the world. And don't give up, Filip. You are a treasure to all those who love you, and the number of people who love you will increase even more as each year goes by. Especially when you devote your life to do something nice or something good for at least one person each day.

Write to me again in six months, Filip, and let me know how things are going. I want to hear from you.

Love and hugs,


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