A Letter to Neale

Aug 01, 2020

Reader Question:

Dear Neale,

My question is: If I had to choose one of the 9 books in the
CwG series to give to someone else as an introduction to this material, which one should it be? Recently I had someone ask me, "What is all this about? What are you 'into'?", and I wanted to share one of the books with them, but I couldn't decide which one would be best, or would give them the best idea, of what Conversations with God was all about. What's you choice? You must get asked this question a lot.


Georgia L.
Glen Burnie, MD 

Neale Responds

Dear Georgia...

You're right, I do. And I always give the same answer...and it kind of surprises people, because I think most folks are expecting me to say, "Why, Book 1, of course." But, in fact, the book I recommend if you really want to help others to understand very quickly what CwG is about is eighth book in the series, What God Wants.

This remarkable little book is a very fast read (it is one of those "Oh, I can read this on the airplane" books) and it unveils the CwG cosmology in fascinating fashion. It is intellectually rewarding, philosophically challenging, and spiritually awakening -- all three at once. It has the additional advantage of not being a "dialogue" book, but rather, a straightfoward narrative, so that the new reader does not have to confront the idea that the writer is actually claiming to be having a conversation with God.

The back cover of this small text has only ten words on it: When was the last time you read a dangerous book?

If you, yourself, have not read What God Wants, you're in for a real treat.

Now...if you're looking for a book that could be a textbook on "how life works" -- a book that tells us how to apply in a very practical, 9-to-5 way, the messages of all of the Conversations with God books, that title would absolutely be Happier Than God. This is by far the most hands-on, here-is-how-to-make-it-functional text in the CwG cosmology, turning spiritual concepts into spiritual tools for day-to-day living.

So if your friend is wanting to know, "How does this work in your life?", I would definitely give them Happier Than God. If they're more in the place of, "Wait a minute, what are we even talking about here?", then What God Wants is the book to pass on.

Thanks for asking!



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