A Letter to Neale

Jul 23, 2021

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... I am new to CwG, having read Book 1 twice. I am relieved, excited, and grateful for the beautiful conversations. In light of that, how do I come to terms with the fact that my husband is not relieved, excited, and/or grateful as he has no interest in reading them? I so want to share this with someone--it would be nice if it was him. How do I honor his path? I'm not sure it is appropriate to "pray him into it," is it? It is also difficult to discuss this with friends who are not "there yet." I will seek out a group in my area, or create one (wink). Most importantly, how do I honor my own path if it "leaves him behind?" Thank you for your answer. Love, Dana


Neale Responds

Dear Dana, Conversations with God says very clearly, "Allow each person to walk his path." You are correct. I am not enamored of the idea of trying to "pray him into it." The better prayer would be, "God, please help and empower my Beloved always to stand in his truth, whatever that may be, and to live it fearlessly."

Do not even try to discuss this with your friends who are not "there yet." There is a huge community of people  who ARE there, and are willing to chat with you about any part of this, at any time. You may possibly find a CWG Study Group meeting near you.  If  not start your own.

As for honoring your path "if it leaves him behind," it will not "leave him behind"
if you keep him abreast of all that you are doing, and constantly inviting him to join you if and whenever he may feel as though he wants to. He may never want to -- but he would have a hard time feeling "left behind" if he is continually being invited to join with you in your explorations and experiences with CwG.

In the end, however, there are only two questions to ask in any relationship, Dana: 1. Where am I going? 2. Who is going with me? Dana, it is important never to reverse the order of the questions. Do you understand? If you reverse the order of the questions, you will wind up one day waking up and wondering, "How in the world did I get here?"

I hope and trust that this response has been of benefit to you. As in all things, your highest benefit will come from asking your questions of God. You can do so, quite directly. Simply ask God a question, then be prepared to write down God's answer. It will in most cases come to you even before you finish asking your question. Take down the first thing that comes to your Mind.

Sending God's Pure Love to you all ways,


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