A Letter to Neale: What is a Spiritual Messenger?

Jul 22, 2022

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... What is the role, do you think, of a spiritual messenger? I have been watching your life from a distance, and observing the commentaries that you offer, and they bring up this question for me. I mean this question sincerely, not snidely. Thank you for addressing it.

Geraldine, from New Hampshire.


Neale Responds

Dear Geraldine.....I have been thinking a lot about this lately, so I am not surprised that you should send me this letter. What we think about comes to us --- sometimes very rapidly. I should tell you that in my imagination I see myself as that. In my mind I see myself as a spiritual messenger. Is that arrogant? I hope not. I hope it is courageous, but not arrogant.

God tells us in Conversations with God that we are ALL spiritual messengers. We are LIFE, bringing information ABOUT life TO life through the process of Life Itself. This is how the whole system works.

Our spiritual message is our life, lived. The message that I bring the world about the world is the message that my own life sends.

There are times when that makes me depressed. For I am very clear that the life I have lived is not the Message I want to send to humanity about anything, much less Who We Are and how we can best make Life work. I have done things in my life --- and continue to do things --- that I wish I hadn't done and wouldn't do. I wish I could rise to my highest thought about my Self, but I just don't seem to be able to do it.

Of course, what we declare with our own words is going to be our reality, so right there I have "condemned" myself to not being able to do what I say that I want to do. So let me rephrase that. Let me say, and frankly admit, that until NOW I have not been able to rise to my highest thought about my Self. Yet each day I am moving higher and higher. Each day I am being more and more Who I Really Am. And each day I am changing behaviors --- consciously witnessing what I am doing, and why --- and dropping as many behaviors as I can that do not demonstrate the highest version of Who I Am.

This is my path. I am trying so very hard to walk this path...and it is not easy. I will not try to kid you and tell you that it is easy. All of us are called, but few of us choose ourselves. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. That, at least, has certainly been true of me.

So now, Geraldine, I step into tomorrow, newly committed, newly determined, newly encouraged by my own enlarging awareness. And I ask your help, and the help of all others. Please continue to remind me of Who I Really Am.

Should a spiritual messenger ever raise her or his voice in criticism of another individuation of the One Being? That is a very important question, Geraldine. As you may be able to see from the other letters here and in recent issues of this Bulletin, there are many people who feel that I should not be criticizing our president in my public statements. These people have really made me stop and think. Is criticism ever appropriate? Is it ever appropriate from a person who considers him-or-herself to be a spiritual messenger? What is the role of a spiritual messenger anyway?

It seems to me that the role of a spiritual messenger is to point out the spiritual truth in every situation. I perhaps have not been as clear as I might have been about that truth in my commentaries about the previous President and the former administration. I am looking at that deeply now. And I thank those who have caused me to explore this question more fully.

Yet there must be some way for spiritual messengers to say, "Warning. We are going in the wrong direction. Our current path is nonfunctional. It does not work. It is not achieving our stated objectives. It is not reflective of our highest thought about ourselves. It is not a demonstration of that." And I wonder how you do that without at least seeming to be "pointing fingers" at those people who are setting the direction...

Yet the first person to whom I must point fingers is me. I am far from perfect. In fact, so far from perfect that my own life is embarrassing. So I need to work now, and work fast, to clean up my own house. And I know that. I am aware of that. Deeply aware.

So, Geraldine, I am looking at the very question you have asked this week. I will let you know how my exploration goes. I do know this. It begins with deep self-examination. I am in that process now.

Thank you for writing, my friend. Let's move together toward our Next Grandest Expression of our True Selves.

With love and compassion... 


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