A Letter to Neale

Jul 03, 2021

Reader Question:

Dear Neale.....I was reading the CWG books on fear and ridding fear. And it said that you should just "decide" not to have the fear anymore but, could you explain how you "decide" not to have fear? Especially, cos some people can get really scared and have panic attacks and that. I don't understand how you can let go like that. Haven't some people tried and tried to decide to be fearless but failed? So could you expand on deciding to let go of fear? Does the CWG material mention any technique other than just deciding?


Neale Responds

Dear Marianne...the process of releasing fear is a process of re-identification. It is very difficult to let go of fear if we imagine ourselves to be living beings that are physical manifestations of a chemical process. In other words, the result of the combining of chemical elements by your biological mother and father...but nothing more than that. If this is how you see yourself, if this is essentially how you identify yourself in the Universe, then fear will visit you from time to time in your life—and especially if you imagine your life to be in danger or your personal safety and happiness to be threatened.

The way out of fear is to step out of your False Identity, Marianne. You are much more than a simple biological creature roaming the earth. You are an aspect of Divinity, a singularization of The Singularity, an individuation of God. As a Divine Being, you cannot die, ever. Your Life Form can be changed (only at your own choice), but you cannot die. For more about this, you may find it beneficial to read HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.

Now when you realize that you can never "die" (that is, have your life brought to an end), then you realize, as well, that nothing can ever cause you to suffer—nothing at all...although you can experience that you are suffering if you wish.

Now mind you, I am not saying that you can never feel pain—physical or emotional. I am saying that it cannot cause you to suffer. Pain is an objective experience, suffering is a subjective decision. You can, believe it or not, experience pain without experiencing that you are suffering. And once you find that you can discontinue the experience of suffering, you will find that you have nothing to fear.

There is another way that I find it easy to "decide" not to be afraid, and that is by knowing in advance of all events that everything that occurs happens for my benefit. To understand this more fully, please read When Everything Changes, Change Everything, as well as Happier Than God. I believe you will find information in both books that directly relates to your question in a very specific way.

In brief, I'll simply state here that all the events of life are brought TO me BY me, in collaboration with all the other souls involved in any particular scenario, in order that we might together create the right and perfect context within which we may announce and declare, experience and express, know and become Who We Really Are. This is the ultimate purpose of all of life, and all of life serves this Divine Intention.

I know through everything, Marianne, that God is real and God is on my side. I know that I have an ever-ready resource in every moment of my life...and this, alone, removes much of any fear I may be tempted to entertain. If you thought you had the Greatest Resource in the Universe at your disposal, what would you be afraid of? I know that whatever happens, I will have the resources to deal with it.

Having God as my friend does not mean that nothing "bad" will ever happen to me, Marianne. It means that I will never experience what is happening to me as "bad," but will have the awareness, insight, strength, and ability to understand that all things happen for the Highest Good of All Concerned. It can be no other way in God's Universe—unless God is in charge of a Universe over which God has no control. This is not the definition of our Universe as I experience it.

I have always been deeply impressed with the words that U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt famously uttered: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Now I am not going to sit here and try to tell you that I am never afraid of anything. I imagine if I were on an airplane and it started rocking madly while in flight, fear would course through me. I imagine that if I am driving on a highway and suddenly see a huge truck heading right for me, I would become frightened. I am sure that if someone put a gun to my head, my heart would start racing. So let me be clear here, Marianne. I am human, and I am not immune to fear.

But most fears—the every day fears that I used to face—are not felt by me anymore, for the reasons I have given you above. I hope this has been of some help to you.

I send you Pure Love,


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