A Letter to Neale

Jun 18, 2022

Reader Question:

Dear Neale... As the world reels to deal with global events, I find that some of my friends are having a difficult time coping with the daily news. Some of them have even taken to avoiding the news altogether. Any suggestions on what I could tell them?

Topeka, Kansas

Neale Responds

Dear Carolyn... Putting your head in the sand like an ostrich is not the most personally beneficial or effective way of dealing with our world as it is. Simply pretending that something isn't there does not make it disappear. Rather, it makes it loom larger in our reality when it cannot help but appear, when one has no choice but to look at it. Tell your friends that it is how you look at something, not whether you look at it.

I see the same difficulties and human tragedies and challenges that everyone else sees...but I see in them something that many others do not: opportunity. I try to experience every moment in life as an opportunity to announce and declare, express and fulfill, become and experience Who I Really Am. Life is creating for all of humanity now a Contextual Field, filled with the right and perfect people and events allowing us to move ever rapidly forward in the evolution of our entire species.

It may seem that evolution should not require the death of thousands and the pain of millions, yet life has always required, from the very beginning, the contribution, in those ways, of many of us, so that All Of Us might move forward in the Process of the Soul — which is a process of self realization. It is only when I understand that death does not exist, and that pain is not the same as suffering, that I can embrace the process that Life exhibits everywhere in the Universe...in the swallowing up of entire stars systems in black holes, and in the swallowing up of entire villages in tsunamis, and in the swallowing up of entire lives in the events, both wonderful and not so wonderful, of our own day-to-day.

I look at life as a continual playing out of God's Plan — which is more of a process than a blueprint — and I know that this Plan has nothing in mind but the best for me. Is it possible that the most horrific events of human life, such as, indeed, the Japan tragedy, or the Libyan struggle, or the loss of homes to foreclosure in America? I believe that the answer is yes, and I understand that it may seem and sound callous to suggest that this is so. Yet when we step back from the tapestry to see the entire picture, I believe we will see the wonder of the entire unfolding, and even, if we look deeply enough, the reasons for it. For now, I invite us all to just Keep The Faith! And so do the very best we can to remain as Sources of Light and Love through all the moments of darkness.

Hugs and Love,


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