A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...Why can't everyone have their own "conversation with God," just the way you did? If this is so easy, why doesn't everyone do it? Sorry if I sound like a skeptic, but...

Pamela L., Indianapolis, Indiana

Neale Responds

My Dear Pamela...it is very okay even if you are a "skeptic." I ask no one to accept my experience without looking into it deeply. Here is one problem I see that stops people from having their own Conversation with God...

We have apparently decided, as a species, that Divinity exists, but does not talk. At least, not to us...lowly beings that we are.

Maybe—just maybe—God has communicated with Holy Ones...with Moses, with Jesus, with Muhammad...perhaps even with Joseph Smith, or even Ba'ha'ullah...but not, for certain, with any average person.

So if we want to have a conversation with God, we have to acknowledge that there even is a God—and then, if there is, that the God That Is would deign to speak to us, directly.

This is not an easy leap for many people. The only way that I know of to help people make this leap is to point out to them that it is not really a 'leap' at all—that God would of course talk to any of us and all of us, because God IS us. That is, God is not separate from us in any way.

The concept of a Non-Separated God is at the basis of the New Spirituality. That spirituality teaches of the unity of all things and of the Oneness of God with everything. God is, by definition, All Things. And that, happily, includes us. Therefore, God is not required to 'come down here' to talk to us—something He might be seen to be willing to do only on occasion, and only for the very holy. God is, in fact, 'down here' all the time, manifesting Godself in the multitudinous forms that Life takes.

And just where 'down here' is God? Everywhere. And that includes...in you and me.

Given this, we are talking here about God speaking to us, through us, as us. A conversation with God is really a conversation with ourselves. This may not exactly fill us with confidence that we are speaking with the Actual God—but we are. And all we have to do to 'hear' the Actual God is to get our small self out of the way.

I will grant you that this may be easier said than done, but that is not to say it is impossible. And the first part of our small self that we have to get out of the way is that part that insists we are unworthy to speak to God in any event, from wherever God's voice may emanate

The question of my unworthiness goes away when I consider that I am an aspect of Divinity Itself. I may not act like it sometimes, and I may not experience myself as that, yet I am that nonetheless. Fortunately, I do not have to act as if I am Divine in order for me to be Divine. My Divinity is a fact of my being, not a result of my behavior.

That statement is important enough to repeat. I said..."My Divinity is a fact of my being, not a result of my behavior." So, unless I insist on continuing to believe in a God of Separation, I am strained to deny my worthiness to communicate with God.

I believe completely and absolutely in my Oneness with The Divine. I know in my heart that I am a part of Life—and I know, as well, that Life is God, materialized. So here I am in my Godliness, whether I act it or not, and if I can just quiet my mind enough to hear what the Bible calls that "Still Small Voice Within," I will have a conversation with God every moment of every day.

...even as I am having one now, in the writing of this reply to you, my friend.

I send you Pure Love,


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