A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale....I was wondering about one thing. In higher level of our selves we choose how we are going to die. There is nothing that is done here on earth that is wrong or not in the soul's interest. Everything is like it supposed to be.

One thing that is troubling me with that is: Why is the soul still choosing to die, for instance, a horrible death. Why is a higher level of ourselves choosing conflict and misery?

And more importantly, when will it stop choosing these things? And if it stops choosing that, will the earth then stop serving the soul's purpose and therefore end its existence?

But then again there are other people, just like yourself, that are raising our consciousness and helping us to be more aware. These are people who wake up and understand this, and they choose to help others to help themselves. Is there a possibility that some portion of higher selves is still choosing that same thing, still choosing misery and horrible death, because they are not aware of themselves even in higher level of themselves?

Hopefully you will find this letter, I know you have many e-mail :)

with love and peace


Neale Responds

My dear Ludvik...You are asking a very compassionate and caring question—and I cannot give you an answer that "fits" for everyone. The answer that is accurate for one person may not be accurate for another. I cannot and do not know the specific reasons for any soul's individual journey. What I believe that I do know is that no one dies at a time or in a way that is not of their choosing. This is what I was told in Home with God, and I believe this message, because if we are truly all Aspects of the Divine co-creating our collective reality, it can be no other way.

I am going to suggest here that sometimes a soul may make a choice regarding death not as a means of serving their individual agenda only, but to serve the agenda of another—or perhaps many others. For instance, the soul of a tiny baby that dies during infancy may very well have come to physicality and then left very quickly in order to serve the agenda of the souls of its parents. This is one way in which I understand that the souls of all people collaborate in the creation of our collective reality.

In much the same way, a particular soul may choose to leave physical expression at a particular time in a particular way in order to serve the combined agenda of much larger groups—or even all of humanity. I feel certain that this is exactly why Jesus left the way he did. And, to use a more contemporary example, all those who left the physical world on 9/11.

So what I hear myself saying, Ludvik, is that we cannot know the individual and sacred agenda of another soul—but we can know that each soul's agenda serves the purpose of individual and collective evolution. I do not, therefore, believe that certain people choose misery and horrible death because they are not aware of themselves at a higher level, but, rather, precisely because they are.

My belief about Who We Are and what we are doing here on the earth invites me to conclude that, at the soul level, we know exactly what we are doing at all times; that nothing happens TO us, and everything happens THROUGH us; that there are no victims and there are no villains; and that, at the highest level, everything is perfectly designed to allow us the most effective means by which to announce and declare (as did the Christ), create and experience, express and become the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are. And to allow others to know Who They Are as well.

I want to also declare that I am deeply aware that I could be completely wrong about all of this. Please, therefore, do not believe a thing that I say, but simply "try it on," and if it "fits," wear it.

I send you Pure Love,


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