A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Hi Neale...At a seminar in Bergen, Norway we, the audience, could ask questions. I asked to be recommended which of your books I could get for my very sick aunt in Norwegian. The answer was Home with God. The book was bought and signed.

Before mailing it to my aunt I read it myself and told my aunt about the book on the phone. She was very interested and said she wanted to read the whole thing. She lasted much longer than expected, and passed about a year after that.

At her funeral her grown kids told me they had found this book, which was even signed by the author, and that they had no idea she had had it and that they had brought only that book and some photographs to my aunt's favorite sanctuary, her cabin in the mountains, to keep there in memory of her and for all visitors to the cabin to see.

I told them the story of how the book came to their Mother and I believe they were totally in awe. I could not find any other forum than this to tell this story and say Thank You to Neale...

Mai, Bergen

Neale Responds

Thank you, my friend, for letting me know about this. I am touched and inspired by the gift of your remembrance.

Sending Pure Love and hugs, 


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